12 Simple & Festive Ways to Welcome Spring

A few years ago we started having Welcome Fall parties. Why? Well, because Fall is my favorite season, and it’s arrival seemed like something to celebrate! It has become such a beloved tradition that we have started welcoming all the seasons in one way or another. Which seems fitting, because each season brings fun and unique opportunities to make memories and start traditions.

So, join us and take a moment to Welcome Spring, and celebrate the new season and all the joy it can bring! Even if the official 1st day of Spring has passed doesn’t mean it’s too late! It’s never too late to celebrate! Take a little time to delight in the new season!

Here is a dozen ideas for Welcoming Spring! Pick one, combine a few or come up your own Welcome Spring tradition!

1. Have a Welcome Spring Party. I use the term party loosely here—-for our “parties” we usually pick a themed dessert (DIRT CAKE is perfect for Spring) and play spring bingo. These boards from Artsy-Fartsy Mama are free and super cute! If you want to get extra festive you can decorate with Spring printables and fresh flowers!

2. Curate a Spring To Enjoy List. Brainstorm as a family all the activities you want to enjoy during Spring. Tailor the list to fit your families schedule and interests. Include a mix of traditions, favorite activities, places to visit, foods to eat and new things to try. I’m including a free printable enjoy list you can use! Looking for lots of inspiration for your list? Find Spring Activities on THIS post and THIS one!

3. Have a Spring Book and snack picnic. Grab your spring themed books, or put a few on hold from your library, then find a comfy spot…bonus points if it’s outside…and get to reading. Here is a list of our current favorite spring books if you are looking for inspiration. Of course a stack of books are best enjoyed with refreshment! For a fun snack serve an assortment of spring themed foods:

  • Clouds- popcorn
  • Bunny tails- marshmallows
  • Flower petals- spring m&ms
  • Twigs- pretzel sticks
  • Worms- gummy worms
  • Seeds- sunflower seeds or chocolate covered seeds
  • Cheddar Bunnies

4. Go on a Spring Scavenger Hunt– walk around your neighborhood or hit up a local trail looking for signs of spring. If It still looks/feels like Winter do the same scavenger hunt in a few weeks to compare how things have changed. This free scavenger hunt printable would be fun for the younger crowd. Older kids could make a list or document with photos the signs of spring they see!

5. Chalk your friends. Try to surprise friends and neighbors by drawing spring pictures and wishing them a Happy Spring on their driveway. For an extra sweet surprise, bake some muffins or cookies to leave on the porch. I love THESE lemon muffins or THESE lemon cookies. Lemon s give me all the spring feels!

6. Have a picnic lunch or dinner. Kick off Spring by dining all fresco! Take lunch to the park or dinner to the backyard. Doesn’t have to be elaborate, you could even use a cookie cutter to make flower shaped pb&j!

7. Have some outside playtime. Chalk, bubbles, hula hoop, frisbee, hopscotch, jump rope…dust off your favorite outside toys or pick up a few new items to enjoy. To make it truly memorable make sure you participate! Have some friendly competition! Who can hula hoop the longest or toss the frisbee the furthest or jump rope the most number of times? Make it a party by inviting friends to enjoy it with you! Throw in a festive snack and you are all set!

8. Visit a local nursery to pick out flowers to plant. If the weather isn’t quite ready, look at pictures for inspiration and make a list of things you want to plant.

9. Have a spring themed movie night. My kids are always excited for a themed movie night. I love Peter Rabbit for Spring, but A Bugs Life, or The Bee Movie would be fitting as well. THIS post is full of Peter Rabbit movie inspiration!

10. Give yourself a Spring mani/pedi. Bust out those pastels or grab a new Spring color and paint those piggies! It’s a fun way to get ready for sandal season! It can be an extra special tradition to do with daughters!

11. Start a Spring Puzzle. I love seasonal puzzles! Last Spring I started taking a puzzle outside on a Roll-Up puzzle board. It was so fun to enjoy the beautiful weather and a fun hobby! I think these Spring inspired puzzles are super cute!

12. Toast the new season. As the weather warms up I start to crave a change in bevies…swapping coffee and hot tea for sparking waters, iced coffee and other yummy iced drinks. THIS lavender-honey bee’s knees cocktail screams Spring and plan to try it!

What are your favorite ways to welcome Spring?


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