10 Halloween Traditions for a sweet (not spooky) Celebration

We are gearing up for Halloween over here. We don’t get too crazy with Halloween. I don’t enjoy the blood, gore, haunted houses or scary movies. They are just not my jam, but candy and cute kids in costumes are definitely things that I fully support! So we do a little celebrating. Our Halloween festivities usually start in mid-October and include a few fun traditions that we all enjoy. If you are looking for a few ways to get festive this season, especially since some of the usual celebrations might not be taking place, take a look at our list. There just might be one or two activities that you might want to give a try, and who knows, maybe they’ll become a part of your Halloween traditions. They can all be socially distant and don’t require too much prep or supplies! They are just fun ways to turn an ordinary afternoon or evening into a memory!

1. A Boo Breakfast. A simple and fun way to celebrate. Jack-o-lantern pancake and whip cream ghosts are quick and easy. Since Halloween falls on a Saturday this year a festive breakfast is a great way to start the day!

2. A stroll through past Halloweens. Each year I pull out pictures from all of our past Halloweens and display them. You can change out a gallery wall, or make a garland. My boys love looking at the pictures of Halloween past, plus since I’m not into spooky or creepy decor, the garland is the perfect addition to our decorations.

3. A costume photo shoot. Don’t wait until Halloween night to get a picture in the costume! Often we are rushed and it’s dark, so I love to do a little Halloween photo shoot. To make it extra fun we go to a location that fits the costume theme. (If I managed to work a family theme) When my boys were super heroes we went to the park, when they were safari adventurers we hit the nature trail. It’s fun to see them enjoy the costume!

4. BOO some friends or neighbors. We’ve never done this, but it seems like a good year to start this tradition. Leave some goodies on the porch of friends to say Happy Halloween and invite them to pass it on. We’re not doing much with friends right now, so it will be a fun way to say, “we miss you”. I did a target pick up order with a few goodies- Halloween pencils, white balloons (that I’ll add a ghost face to), granola bars and some cheese balls. I tried to stay away from sugar and trinkets the best I could. You could easily do a Halloween book or stickers, or a homemade snack mix would be fun, too. Don’t forget your kid-less friends, I bet an elderly neighbor might enjoy a little Halloween surprise. I’ve include a free download that you can use on your packages at the end of the post.

5. Halloween Movie Night. The last few years we’ve done an outdoor viewing of The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Fall is the perfect time for outdoor movies. Of course, cuddling up inside is fun, too. We love Curious George Boofest and Room on the Broom for little viewers, we haven’t quite graduated to Hocus Pocus. It’s also a fun opportunity to make some festive snacks!

6. Halloween Bingo. We also love a good family game night, and bingo is perfect for the whole family. Print these free bingo boards and you’re ready to go, of course you’ll probably need snacks and maybe a Halloween playlist.

7. Take a Jack-o-lantern drive or walk. Load up in the wagon or car and cruise the streets looking for the best jack-o-lantern you can find. It’s a simple family outing, but there’s something magical for kids when they get to go on a walk or car ride at night!

8. Have a Themed dinner. Growing up the one tradition we had for Halloween was jack-o-lantern burgers. We cut faces into cheese and then let it melt on top of the burgers. Such an easy memory maker. Some years we add boo-nilla shakes- vanilla shakes with whip cream and candy eyes. A black and orange themed lunch or dinner is fun, too. Check out this list of black and orange foods to include.

9. A Halloween book party. If you’ve been around here for a hot minute you’ve figured out we pretty much add themed snacks to anything and call it a party! So grab a stack of Halloween books and make a festive snack! It’s a great way to turn an ordinary evening or afternoon into a memory.

10. Have a Halloween dance party. Making dinner and kids are restless? Turn on monster mash and boost everyone’s mood! My kids love it when I dance around the kitchen like a crazy lady! We also love super simple songs- Halloween, or search kids Halloween on Amazon music.

What are some of your favorite Halloween traditions? I loved to hear how your family celebrates!



Hey, I’m Megan, wife to Chad, mama to our three rambunctious boys, Grady, Marshall, Stafford and our sweet little girl, Ainsley Nell.  I have a passion for celebrating holidays, cherishing seasons, creating memories, collecting traditions, connecting hearts and chasing joy.   Thanks for coming along for our journey.