10 Simple & Festive Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

We aren’t Irish, and we really don’t have any traditions surrounding St. Patrick’s Day, but that doesn’t keep us from getting festive! Here are 10 simple ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with kids. 1. Have a green breakfast. We are going to go with green pancakes topped with festive lucky charms. My boys will be pumped. I plan to serve green fruits as well. 2. Bake traditional soda bread. There are tons of recipes on Pinterest, this one looks super easy to do with my little helpers. 3. Make a traditional Irish dish or meal. If your feeling even more ambitious introduce your kiddos to a new dish. We’ve done lamb and colcannon in the past. Corned beef is a popular option. This year I’m thinking of trying bangers and mash. 4. Plant a shamrock. I love how St. Patrick taught about the Trinity using the shamrock. My dirt loving little guys would enjoy planting shamrock seeds. You can even find them on Amazon. 5. Surprise a friend/neighbor with some goodies. We painted/glittered rocks to leave as a trail to some rainbow treats. It was fun way to share some festive fun! 6. Read a book about leprechauns and build a trap. This is a fun book for a little inspiration. Do the night before and surprise your kiddos with golden candy or gold dollars. If you’re really committed make a bit of a mess…leprechauns are always pulling shenanigans! 7. Have a green themed snack. There are lots of yummy green foods…guacamole, green apples, kiwi, grapes, celery, green peppers…add a shamrock shaped sandwich and make it a picnic! 8. Enjoy a homemade shamrock shake. Here’s a yummy recipe to try. 9. Search for a St. Patrick’s Day Parade in your area. A lot of towns host parades, and it can be a fun way to celebrate and maybe take in some Irish culture. 10. Read some themed books. If you don’t have any check your local library. Books are always an easy way to learn about a holiday! Do you have any festive St. Patrick’s Day traditions? Please share, I’d love to know!


Hey, I’m Megan, wife to Chad, mama to our three rambunctious boys, Grady, Marshall, Stafford and our sweet little girl, Ainsley Nell.  I have a passion for celebrating holidays, cherishing seasons, creating memories, collecting traditions, connecting hearts and chasing joy.   Thanks for coming along for our journey.