10 Super Easy & Festive Halloween Eats

Almost all of our Halloween traditions (or holiday traditions for that matter) involve some kind of festive food. Food is what turns something ordinary into a party, right? We pair festive snacks with read alouds, game nights, movie nights and even our annual pumpkin walk. Pinterest is flooded with some really cool Halloween snacks, but because I have 4 kids (read: limited time and energy) I look for snacks and treats that pack a festive punch without being too labor intensive! Here are a few of my go-to festive snacks, as well as some that look pretty cute and do-able!

Halloween Snack Board– Snack boards are an easy way to make things festive. You can find a variety of Halloween themed snacks in the store, which I like to pair with orange and black foods. When I make a snack board I also like to do a mix of snacks and treats.

Orange foods- mandarin oranges, carrots, orange bell peppers, cheeze its, Cheetos or cheese balls, cheese

Black foods- black olives, Oreos, chocolate mini donuts, chocolate covered pretzels, blackberries…you can definitely get away with dark blue items if you ask me!

Seasonal Items- ghost marshmallows, candy corn, seasonal m&ms, pumpkin Reese’s, just browse the Halloween section!

Halloween Brownies– This dessert is super easy. Make a batch of your go-to brownies and then press candies, sprinkles and candy eyes in the top before they are completely cooled.

Monster Munch– pop some popcorn and then spread it out on wax paper. Mix in pretzels, nuts, seasonal candies (whatever you like). Then drizzle with melted white chocolate and add Halloween sprinkles and candy eyes.

Rice Crispy Treats– rice crispy treats are another easy to dress up treat. Cut into shapes with cookie cutters, or just drizzle with melted white chocolate and add sprinkles and candies. These rice crispy treats made with colored candy melts and candy eyes are super cute, too! If you really want to make it easy you can used store bought rice Krispy treats.

Mummy Oreos– these mummy Oreos are super easy and only take 3 ingredients; Oreos, white chocolate and candy eyes.

Witches hats and brooms– another treat that is so easy! Add pretzel sticks to Reese’s pb cups and use frosting to add a Hershey’s kiss to an upside down fudge striped cookie.

Banana Ghosts– super simple; peel banana, cut in half, add chocolate chip eyes. This wood be fun addition to a festive breakfast or snack. You can also draw a jack-o-lantern face on a cutie or an orange.

Chocolate dipped pretzel rods– I love this Halloween spin on chocolate dipped pretzel rods! So cute and yummy.

Cheese and crackers– cut cheese slices with Halloween cookie cutters and serve with crackers! These would be perfect paired with apple slices and caramel dip.

For a list of fun Halloween books to read while you snack check out our favorites in this post.

Happy Snacking!



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