10 Sweet Ways to Celebrate National Ice Cream Month

Ice Cream and summer are a perfect pair! So, it is no surprise that July is National Ice Cream month, making it the perfect month to not only eat ice cream but to real celebrate it! Try new flavors and recipes, incorporate it into your reading, learning and play and make fun family memories surrounded by ice cream. If you are looking for a little ice cream inspiration you have come to the right place. I rounded-up 10 sweet ideas for celebrating ice cream! Pick one or a few and have a two-scoop kind of July!

Have an Ice Cream Taste Test

There are countless flavors of ice cream out there, and even if we all have our go-to flavors, sometimes it’s fun to a new flavor or two. On National Ice Cream Day we like to do an ice cream taste test. I grab a few pints of fun and unique flavors (something that I don’t buy regularly), and we all sample the flavors and record our scores for each flavor. It’s fun to spend time together and pretend to be ice cream critics. I may or may not hope nobody likes my favorite so I can call dibs on the rest of the pint! You could invite others to join and bring a pint or two to add to the line up. You can download my scorecard below!

Make Homemade Ice Cream

There is something special about homemade ice cream. It is a nostalgic, summer classic. I have memories of my Dad making ice cream with a hand crank machine! It’s not nearly as hard now, with the all the electric machines out there! You can find our recipe for vanilla ice cream in THIS post. If you want to try making homemade ice cream without a machine, THIS ice cream in a bag recipe looks pretty fun to try!

Deliver Ice Cream Treats to Friends

One of our favorite summertime ice cream traditions is to be an “ice cream van” for our friends. We usually do it to Welcome Summer, but it would be a sweet surprise for friends anytime! All you have to do is load a cooler with ice and ice cream treats, make a sign and hit the road. I always coordinate with our friends to let them know we are stopping by!

Make an Ice Cream Dessert

We have a couple of favorite ice cream desserts that we love to make in the summer that are easy and always hit the spot.

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Making an ice cream sandwich cake couldn’t be easier! It is one of those recipes that seems like you worked way harder than you did to make it. We love to make it for Father’s Day and it is often requested for my son’s summer birthday!

To make a 9×9″ cake you need 12 ice cream sandwiches, 1 tub of cool whip, hot fudge and any other extras (like sprinkles, candy pieces or caramel) that you want to use. To make the cake start by placing a single layer of ice cream sandwiches on the bottom of your pan. You will need to cut one in order to fill the space in the pan. Then, layer half of the cool whip and some hot fudge (and caramel if you are using it). Then repeat each layer. You can add candy bits or sprinkles on the top if you want to punch it up a notch! After assembling, cover the cake and place it in the freezer for several hours so the layers can set.

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

I remember growing up one of my friend’s mom’s stocking their freezer in the summer with homemade chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches. I thought she was the coolest mom! If you can make cookies you can make ice cream sandwiches! Start by making your favorite chocolate chip cookie. You can find our favorite recipe HERE. Personally I like a softer, chewy cookie for these sandwiches. Now here’s the hack that makes this treat a breeze to make…before you start your cookies take a few paper cups and fill them with your ice cream of choice and place them in the freezer. I used leftover cups from a birthday party. Make your cookies and then allow them to fully cool. Once, your ice cream has reharden take a cup out of the freezer. You are going to cut right threw the cup with a serrated knife at the desired thickness for your sandwiches. After cutting, peel off the paper cup and you have a perfect disc of ice cream to put between the cookies. Place the ice cream between the cookies and then wrap in plastic wrap to store in the freezer! I made a batch earlier this summer and they went fast!

Read Ice Cream Themed Books

There are a lot of ice cream reads to check out! Here are our favorite sweet reads. (I am an part of the Amazon Affiliate program, I can make a small commission off of qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you)

Make Ice Cream Playdough

Making a homemade playdough is a great summer activity, and giving it an ice cream spin is a perfect way to celebrate ice cream! THIS recipe is on my to try list this month.

Host an Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social

What’s more fun then inviting friends over to share in the joy of ice cream? An ice cream social is the perfect low-key summer gathering. Did you know that ice cream socials have been held dating back to the 18th century? The first recorded social was hosted in 1744. It is no surprise that they have held the test of time, it’s such an easy and refreshing way to enjoy time with friends! All you need is some ice cream, bowls, spoons and a variety of toppings and you are all set. You can even ask guests to bring a favorite sundae topping or two!

Have an Ice Cream Creation Challenge

My kids love a good cooking challenge, and a create your own ice cream sundae is extra kid friendly because it doesn’t involve cooking. You can set out a variety of toppings and a couple of ice cream flavors and let them go to town, or encourage them brainstorm an idea and submit a recipe so that you can have their ingredients on hand. You can make rules about the number of ingredients they can use, or have a secret ingredient that they have to incorporate.

Make an Ice Cream Passport

Visiting local ice cream shops is one of my favorite things to do whenever we go on a road trip, but why not an adventure or two just for the ice cream? Research some local ice cream shops in your area and then make a little ice cream passport to check them off as you visit! You could work on filling in your ice cream passport all summer long! (Or all year long, there really isn’t an expiration date on ice cream dates, is there?)

Set Up an Dramatic Play Ice Cream Shop

If you have littles then incorporating ice cream into their play is a wonderful way to celebrate ice cream. I love how littlelifelonglearners used tissue paper to create a variety of ice cream flavors! There are lots of other fun ideas for setting up an ice cream shop play area on Pinterest, that *fingers crossed* would lead to lots of hours of play!

If you are looking for a fun ice cream themed game we got THIS game from grandparents for Christmas and have enjoyed lots of rounds learning and playing.

HERE are some fun ice cream coloring pages for an afternoon of coloring!

What are your favorite ways to enjoy ice cream?

I hope you have a lickin” good July!


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