13 of our Favorite books for Valentine’s Day

I have a post about Valentine’s Day books from several years back, but I thought it was time to do a little update! I think part of the fun of collecting holiday books is being on the hunt for new ones that you love and want to add to your collection. I especially love finding older holiday books that I love. So, some of these books have been on our favorites list for a long time and some of them are new to us.

If you love the idea of holiday books but want to, or can’t spend the money to buy them there are several ways to enjoy them without actually purchasing the books:

  • Library Holds
  • Sharing with Friends
  • Watching YouTube read alouds

If you are wanting to to build your own collection try adding one for each holiday or finding them at used book stores/retailers like Thriftbooks.

Here are our very favorite read alouds for St. Valentine’s day. They are mix of older books and new books. Some of them are specific to Valentine’s day, but some of them are just love, kindness or hug themed!

One Zillion Valentines by Fred Modell- You’ll have to check Thriftbooks to find this one for a reasonable price, but it is a favorite for us. We love Milton and Marvin and there quest to make valentines for everyone.

The Day it Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond- This is a fun book about what you could create if it rained hearts.

How to Send a Hug by Hayley Rocco- New to us this year, I love this sweet book about how sending a letter is almost as good as getting a hug!

Saint Valentine by Robert Sabuda- This is my favorite book that discusses the history of St. Valentine. It is a little bit tricky since there is a lot we don’t know about this Saint.

Mirabel’s Missing Valentine by Janet Lawler- This is a super sweet book about how lost valentine’s brought joy to those who found them. The illustrations may be my favorite part of the book!

L is for Love by Greg Paprocki- Alphabet books aren’t always my favorite, but I love the holiday ones that Greg Paprocki does. His illustrations are so fun and I love seeing what he picks for each letter.

Love Monster and the Last Chocolate by Rachel Bright- This story is so fun, and it is easy to relate to poor love monster who is torn between enjoy his chocolates himself and sharing with his friends.

Happy Valentine’s Day Mouse by Laura Numeroff- It’s hard to go wrong with a If You Give a Mouse Book. This little board book is simple and sweet.

Lola Dutch, I Love You So Much by Kenneth and Sara Jane Wright- Not exactly a Valentine’s Day book, but I love how Lola Dutch tries to cheer up her friends by remembering what they might each appreciate the most.

Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch by Eileen Spinelli- I love this story of lonely man that feels special when he receives a valentine, and how it changes how he interacts with those around him.

Love is You and Me by Monica Sheehan- I love the illustrations of this book and the many ways that it describes how love feels.

Bear in Love by Daniel Pinkwater- A fun story about Bear and his secret admirer that keeps leaving him gifts.

Snowy Valentine by David Peterson- We grabbed this one from the library this year, and I really liked it. It tells the story of rabbit’s quest to find his wife the perfect valentine’s day, and how what is perfect for other creatures wasn’t quite right for his wife.

Pair a stack of holiday books (or a youtube read aloud session) with some yummy cocoa or a festive treat and snuggle up together! Or if your kiddos prefer a little more activity pull out the craft supplies and let them make valentines, or color coloring pages while you read.

If you are looking for some easy, festive valentines day treats check out THIS post for some ideas!

If you are looking for some ideas for simple celebration and traditions check out THIS post.

What is your favorite St. Valentine’s Day read aloud? Tell me below, I would love to check it out!

Happy Reading!


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