31 Fun and Festive Books to Read in September

You know I love, love seasonal and themed books. There are so many fun books for different holidays and seasons out there and it is so funny to find a new one to add to our favorites list. So, I thought it would be fun to put together a book-a-day list for each month of the year, and what better month to start with than September?! I had so much sifting through our holiday book collection, consulting other themed book lists and dreaming up themes to curating this list. Of course later in month we will kick off Autumn, even if it won’t feel like Fall around here yet, so I included some of our favorite Fall themed books. I also added in some apple themed books, because it is apple season here and Johnny Appleseed day in September 26th. I included a book about 9/11, it is well done, but might be too much for sensitive or younger kiddos. There are a few other fun holidays- like teddy bear day, cheese pizza day and talk like a pirate day that provided some inspiration. I threw in some moon books because the Harvest Moon (September’s full moon) falls on September 29th, and a few squirrel books just because! There a few other books that we enjoy and just felt like they fit!

I plan to gather the books and read one a day as we work our way through September. Of course, we will miss a day or two, but that is fine, we will double up here and there. And if I set the books out I am sure to be begged to read a big stack all at once! They definitely don’t have to be read in any particular order- I’m getting this post up later than I hoped, but I bet if you put them on hold now you can read through most of them before we hit October!

I love using other lists and library holds in order to try new books. Of course, I let my kids pick out books when we go, and we have stumbled upon a few gems that way, but I love to check out recommendations by other book loving Mamas!

So here you have it… 31 books for September:

You can grab a printable list to at the end to make library holds/hunting a little easier. And here is a peek at the covers…just in case you like to see the books like I do!

I really hope the list will spark some joy in your home! Maybe you’ll find a new favorite book, or it will just shake up a current reading rut. Often some of my favorite moments of the day are when I am snuggled up with a kid or two reading a story. It is amazing to me how often my bigs will pause and wander over when they hear me reading. I hope a stack of new titles are just the thing you need to enjoy a few moments reading together. I can’t wait to hear how you incorporate it into your day- maybe a morning book after breakfast or an addition to your bedtime routine.

Happy Reading


Do you have a favorite read for September? I’d love to hear!!

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