35 fun facts about me

Today I turn 35! I feel very blessed to be here living this life and am happy for each year I am given, but I really can’t figure out how I’m this old! I thought it would be fun to share 35 facts that you may or may not know about me. So here goes… 1. My middle name is Noel. If I’d been born on Christmas my Dad had agreed to name me Noel. 2. I’m the only one of my 5 siblings born in OK. We lived there for 9 whole months. 3. Stafford is my only babe born in OK. 4. In high school I was a sonic car hop on skates. 5. I am terrible at skating. 6. I have also been a personal trainer, pe teacher and school counselor. 7. I have been subpoenaed, and testified in court. 8. I got 1 detention my whole life…in grade school PE. 9. My dream job would be blogging or writing children’s books. 10. I don’t eat peas. 11. If you don’t count OK, I moved once (a block) before college. 12. I’ve moved 5 times since being married. 13. I have a babe in heaven. We miscarried before having Grady. 14. I ran track in junior college. 15. I love old Audrey Hepburn movies. 16. My initials were MNO before I got married. I hoped to marry a guy whose last name started with P. 17. I battled Anorexia in High School. 18. I’m the second oldest of 5 kids. 19. My favorite color is blue. 20. Chad and I have been together 14 years. 21. My favorite place I’ve traveled is Kauai. 22. I’m not a huge fan of cake. 23. I sorta, kinda want to run a marathon. 24. I never drive if Chad’s in the car. 25. I still say “going home” when referring to my parents house. 26. My first vehicle was an Amigo. 27. I once unintentionally assisted in a home delivery. 28. I’ve never been pregnant on my due date or delivered in the same hospital twice. 29. I enjoy throwing parties and celebrating holidays. 30. I enjoy watching the Great British Baking Show. 31. I’m always up for chips, salsa and a margarita. 32. I’m much better at crafting than cleaning. 33. I’ve worn glasses since the 3rd grade. 34. I have 24 first cousins. 35. I love making lists!


Hey, I’m Megan, wife to Chad, mama to our three rambunctious boys, Grady, Marshall, Stafford and our sweet little girl, Ainsley Nell.  I have a passion for celebrating holidays, cherishing seasons, creating memories, collecting traditions, connecting hearts and chasing joy.   Thanks for coming along for our journey.