5 Ways to Celebrate National Baseball Day that are sure to be a HIT!

Baseball is America’s pass time. It is such a nostalgic game with so much history. The last few summers we have really enjoyed watching the Royals play, and we are quickly becoming a baseball loving family.

April 22nd is National Baseball Day and a perfect opportunity to celebrate your love of baseball! Here are 3 fun ways to get in the baseball spirit:

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Have a Baseball Themed Dinner

Who doesn’t love a little ballpark food every once in a while. This fun ballpark themed dinner is the perfect way to celebrate National Baseball Day, but it would also be a fun tradition for the opening day of your favorite team! It would also make a great theme for a family movie night or birthday party. You could eat ballpark foods and then enjoy a baseball movie!

Our baseball diner served hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, peanuts and soft pretzels. For the cheese dip recipe I used THIS nacho cheese dip from Baking Mischief. I served our food in our food baskets that we use all summer long, but for a more ballpark feel you could definitely grab some food boats like THESE. I also reused our mini ball cap bowls that we used for my son’s Sandlot party. We, of course, have Royals colors, but I’m sure you can find some for those other teams!

Baseball Themed Reading

I love themed books, and last summer we read tons of baseball books in order to put together a list of our favorites. You can find our home run titles over on THIS post. Reading themed books is always a fun way to learn and connect with a topic. Baseball has such a rich history from the Civil Rights movement to the Women’s Professional League, there are so many wonderful topics to explore through inspiring baseball books!

For some bonus fun and a little poetry try listening and learning Take Me Out to the Ball Game or Casey at the Bat. For some laughs watch this classic clip- Who’s at First! It cracks my boys up!

Watch a Baseball Movie

There are a lot of baseball movies out there. Pick your favorite or try out a new baseball movie. I love to use Common Sense Media to scout out movies for family movie night and they have a great list of baseball movies put together on THIS post. Serve some fun baseball themed snacks- popcorn, cracker jacks, Twizzlers, Baby Ruths… and you’re all set! My kids really enjoy the Sandlot…last year we threw my oldest son a Sandlot themed party for his birthday. You can check out all the details over on THIS post! This year I think we are going to give Angels in the Outfield a try.

Play Ball!

Of course there is no better way to celebrate baseball then to play a little catch, host a friendly family baseball game! Invite a few families to join in and make an afternoon of it!

Take Me out to Ball Game!

Check out the schedules of teams in your area. If you don’t have a local minor or major league team. A local high school game would be a great budget friendly way to catch some ball!

What is your favorite way to celebrate this great sport?

Happy National Baseball Day!!!



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