7 books on my Summer 2024 To Be Read List

There is something extra special about reading a book in the Summer. Sitting in the shade, lounging at the pool, laying on a beach, waiting for a baseball game to start, wherever you happen to fit in Summer reading I hope you’re diving into a really good book. I always love seeing what others are reading, so I thought it would be fun to share what books are on my TBR list for the Summer. So here is my line-up broken down by category!

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Spiritual Reading

I chose St. Josemaria Escriva as my Saint for this year, and I have been slowly working through Holiness for Everyone: The Practical Spirituality of St. Josemaria Escriva by Eric Sammons. I’m not the fastest reader when it comes to spiritual text, but I need to finish this in June before his feast day on June 26th.


I’ve recently come across Dr. Becky Kennedy on Instagram and I really love her philosophy on parenting. I am excited to read her book, Good Inside.

June Book Club- “Summer” in the Title

I recently started a book club with my cousins that is theme based. Each month has a theme and we each pick a book that fits the theme to read. Then at the end of the month we meet to share our books and give a little review. It has been so fun so far. It’s different from your typical book club, but I love that you can pick a book that appeals to you within the theme and you can add to your TBR list based on someone else’s recommendations. The theme for June is a book with “Summer” in the title. There are a lot of books to choose from in this category! I’m excited to give The Summer of Broken Rules by K.L. Walther and Just for the Summer by Abby Jimenez a try.

July Book Club- USA Historical Fiction

July’s book club theme is Historical Fiction set in the USA. I love Amy Harmon books, so I am excited to read A Girl Called Samson for July. If I can get my hands on it I might try to read The Women by Kristin Hannah, but I know the hold lines are LONG.

August Book Club- Nonfiction

Our August theme is non-fiction and I think I will read Until the Streetlights Come On by Ginny Yurich. I really enjoy her podcast 1000 hours Outside and I think her book will be a great lead in to the school year next Fall. I’ve recently come across Dr. Becky Kennedy on Instagram and I really love her philosophy on parenting. I am excited to read her book, Good Inside.

New Publication

Katherine Center is my go-to author for romance. She does such a great job with witty banter and character development, and I love that she doesn’t rely on spice (aka love scenes) to create intimacy with the characters. I am really excited to read The Rom-Commers which will come out in June!

I am sure I will squeeze in a few more titles here and there this Summer, but I am excited about the books that I have picked out! What are you planning to read this month?

Happy Reading!


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