8 Festive Summer Gatherings to Host

Summer is a great time to get together with friends! The days are longer and we tend to stay up a little later without the pressure of school the next morning. I love hosting super simple, low-key, just because gatherings with a festive flair. Whether you are looking to host a fun play-date, a gathering for families or a girls night summer has a lot of fun themes for gathering!

As my kids have gotten older I have started to enjoy hosting more and more. We don’t live close to family, but we have started to make friends with families that we really enjoy hanging out and doing life with. Having a fun theme helps encourage me to include others in celebrations and be more intentional about building relationships and community.

Ice Cream Social

A pot luck style ice cream social would be a super fun and easy gathering to host. Invite your guests to each bring a favorite ice cream topping or two and then you can provide the ice cream and bowls!

Giant Water Fight

An epic water fight would be the epitome of summer fun! Invite everyone to bring water guns and water balloons and set some ground rules and your ready to roll. Having the adults get in on the action is sure to be exciting for the kids. You could invite everyone to bring a snack to share or keep it simple and provide popsicles, ice cream treats or watermelon after the battle!

S’mores Competition

National s’mores day is August 10th but you don’t have to wait that long to host a s’mores night! S’mores are another summer classic that are perfect all summer. Host a s’mores competition by encouraging everyone or each family to come up with an original s’more recipe using unique ingredients and then prepare a few to be judged. You can check out the details on how we hosted our S’mores competition in THIS post. If a competition isn’t your speed, just inviting some friends over for s’mores is always a good time. We love to invited friends over to make s’mores and pray a rosary with us!

Outdoor Games Tournament

If you enjoy yard games and have a competitive spirit consider organizing a friendly outdoor game tournament. Corn hole, as we call it, is one of our favorite yard games and it is the perfect game to turn into a tournament! Yard dice, bocce ball and croquet would all be fun games to try. You could have everyone BYOB and bring a snack to share and you would be all set!

Root Beer Float Night

August 6th is National root beer float day, but let’s be honest a root beer float would hit the spot on any hot summer day. Keep it simple and pick a post dinner gathering time so that you can just enjoy root beer floats together, or make an evening of it by grilling out and eating together.

Popsicle Party

There is nothing easier to host than a popsicle party! All you need is popsicles! It’s the perfect last minute way to gather friends! Through out an invite to meet up at a park or in your backyard and enjoy a popsicle together. You could throw in some water play like a sprinkler or slip and slide if you the space. We threw a popsicle party last year, you can check out all the fun details on THIS post!

Outdoor Movie Night

We love hosting outdoor movie nights! We got very lucky when the previous owners of our house left behind an outdoor TV, which makes outdoor movies super easy! If you don’t have a TV outside you could bring one out or use a projector. Before we had an outdoor TV I got a projector to use for outdoor movies. For summer movie nights we love classics like The Sandlot, Little Rascals and Parent Trap. Last year I threw my son an outdoor Sandlot movie party that was so, so fun to put together! You can check it out in THIS post.

For an outdoor movie all you need are your favorite movie snacks! Popcorn is must. Pair it with a sweet treat and you are all set!

Morning Nature Trail Meet-Up

Your home isn’t the only place you can host a gathering. How about a nature trail meet up? Around here in the summer the best time to be outside (without water) is the morning! Consider inviting other nature lovers to meet up and explore a new (or favorite) trail. Make it a morning picnic by bringing an easy spread of muffins, fruit and yogurt to share!

Rosary Gathering

Almost all of these themes would work great for a rosary gathering. Invite another family over for popsicles and a rosary, an ice cream social and a rosary or a root beer float and a rosary. It’s a beautiful way to incorporate prayer and build friendships!

What is your favorite gathering to host in the summer? I’d love to hear!

Happy Hosting!


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