A Simple Family Celebration for the Solemnity of Christ the King

The Solemnity of Christ the King is one of my favorite Feast days to celebrate. The Solemnity of Christ the King is always the last Sunday in the liturgical year, the Sunday before the first Sunday of Advent. Because the feast day is always on a Sunday, it is always a Holy Day of Obligation. I like to do something special at home for important feast days that are celebrated on a Sunday, because it helps highlight the significance of the day. My kids may notice our Priest is wearing different colored vestments, but it often just feels like a normal Sunday.

The Solemnity of Christ the King is really the embodiment of why I try to live liturgically…that Christ will be the King of our home and the King of our hearts. The feast day was established by Pope Pius XI in 1925 to try to respond to the growing secularism and atheism in the culture. I think it is still so relevant and a beautiful reminder as we head into the Advent season.

Celebrating this feast day can be a really simple affair. For most of our feast day celebrations I follow a simple recipe- food, decor, prayer. These three things help to bring us together to spend a little time focused on the meaning of the day. They make the day feel a little different from the ordinary.


For the Solemnity of Christ the King I like to make a little bit nicer meal for our Sunday dinner. One of my go to “fancier” Sunday meals is roast with mashed potatoes and dinner rolls. Anything meal with dinner rolls is fancy in our house!

We also usually have some kind of dessert or treat on feast days. For the Solemnity of Christ the King we usually have crown shaped sugar cookies that I let the kids decorate with sprinkles to make them “fit for a King”.

I grabbed a cookie cutter like THIS from Amazon.

You could also use THESE crown shaped cupcake toppers to give homemade or store bought cupcakes a festive flair.

You could also use THIS tutorial to create a paper crown to top any cake of your choosing.


Decor is something I like to use to make it feel like more of a celebration. I use printables, books, candles and other items I have on hand to create a display in the center of our table that reminds us of the day we are celebrating. It really doesn’t take much time, especially when I store all the printables for a feast day in my Liturgical Living binder to pull out again the next year! (Check out my Liturgical Living binder in THIS post).

For the Solemnity of Christ the King I love to use THIS beautiful image from BenedictaBoutique on Etsy.

I also set the table with our china and cloth napkins. A few years back I grabbed a table runner and napkin set for Homegoods that are white with a gold shimmer that are perfect for a variety of celebrations.

THESE mini crown party hats are also a fun addition. You could place a small tealight inside or place on on each plate.

I also set out my printables that I created for the feast day that you can grab for free below. Add a few candles and you are all set!


Prayer is obviously the most important part of the recipe! Our prayer isn’t usually long or complicated but a simple prayer centered around the feast day. An opportunity to pause and reflect on the meaning of the day.

I really like THIS Novena of Christ the King from Pray More Novenas. Traditionally you would pray the Novena leading up to the feast day, but there is no rule against starting it on the feast day. I included my favortie part of the Novena in my printables.

One of my favorite traditions for this feast day is toasting the King. We lift up our glasses of sparkling juice and shout “To the King” “Long live the King”. My kids love the addition of the sparkling juice and the fun of toasting Jesus!

That’s it. It’s a simple, yet meaningful celebration to honor our King. Do you have any traditions for the Feast of Christ the King?



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