A Simple Way to Remember Your Priest on Father’s Day

I have a confession…I sometimes take my parish priest for granted. I am so appreciative of all that he does to help lead us spiritually, but I sometimes forget to show it! I am trying to find little intentional ways to show my appreciation, and I think Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to let him know that we care, and that we are praying for him.

I firmly believe that little notes and gifts really can brighten someone’s day and make all the difference in how seen and appreciated they feel! I think we can all benefit from being seen and appreciated just a little more! You really can’t beat a heartfelt note, but you know me…I have a deep love for themed or punny gifts. When I saw several ideas for father’s day candy bar puns on Pinterest I knew I had to do my own priestly version. I think a candy bar, note and promise of prayers is just the right way to recognize your priest of father’s day.

I made three different tags that will work with three different candy bars- a Kit Kat, a Reese’s PB Cup and a Twix. I also made a more generic tag that would work with any sweet treat, store bought or homemade! I also made a spiritual bouquet tag that you can add to your sweet treat to let him know you are praying for him! Print the download, grab a sweet treat of your choice and assemble! It is a simple & sweet way to give a little love to your priest this father’s day!

What are some ways that you try to show appreciation to your priest? I would love to hear, please share in the comments!

Cheers & Blessings!


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