Celebrate Leap Day-5 simple Ways to Celebrate Leap Day and Free Time Capsule Printables

(Almost) every four years we get an extra day added into the calendar…because it takes the Earth just slightly more than 365 days to revolve around the sun, 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 45 seconds – to be exact. These additional hours mean that every few years we need an extra calendar day to even things out. So, what do you do with an extra day in the year? You CELEBRATE it! I mean, do you want “just another day” tacked on at the end of February or do you want to celebrate this once-every-almost-four-years bonus day? It will come as no surprise to you that I am on team CELEBRATE.

Sadly, up until this year, I have failed to establish an Leap Day traditions. So I immediately started brainstorming and researching some fun things to remedy this issue. Here are 5 simple ideas that would make for a festive Leap Day:

Put together a family time capsule. This is by far my favorite idea for observing Leap Day. It’s so fun to think that the next time we have a leap year, you and your kids will be 4 years older! That’s a lot of time and I think it makes perfect since to document the right now for your future self. I created several printables that you can use to easily put together a time capsule as a family. Fill out the pages that you like and then add in a few extras- money for ice cream. a current favorite recipe, a few pictures and anything that you think would be fun to “rediscover” again in 4 years. We did a family handprint art to add. I’m pretty sure I won’t have the second biggest hand in 4 years! I plan to put ours together in a manila envelope and place it in our fire proof safe until 2028. (Fingers crossed I remember!)

Have a leaping contest. Get outside and see just how far you can leap. You could do a standing broad jump or more long jump style…the rules are 100% up to you! Mark the jumps, measure and record. Crown a leap day leaping champion! You can even tuck the leap contest results into your time capsule to see how everyone improves or declines in 4 years!

Themed play, reading & learning. If you are planning to celebrate the day with kids you can make it special with an assortment of leap themed activities. You can play leap frog and hopscotch. Read books with a “leap theme” like Leaping Lemmings, the classic Frog and Toad stories and Frogs vs. Toads. You can also research and learn all about why we have a leap day every four-ish years, and other interesting facts about Leap Day. With older kids these Origami Leap Frogs would be a fun activity to try.

Have a Leap day themed movie night. If you wanted to make it family movie night try Leap! or The Princess and the Frog. For a little Leap Day date night check out Leap Year. Of course you would be extra cool if you included these Gummy Frogs and popcorn as a special Leap day treat!

Have a “Bonus Day”. If you can make it happen you truly treat Leap Day as a bonus day. If you had a free day to do whatever you want, what would you do? Wouldn’t it be great it that was what the day was used for? Taking naps, going on a hike, read outside in the sun, coffee with friends? Maybe you can’t take the whole day, but you could try to squeeze in one special activity to make your leap day feel like a special little gift!

Do you have a favorite leap day tradition? What would you do with a bonus day if you could do anything?

Happy Leap Day


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