Celebrate Winter Guide: Inspiration for Chasing Joy in the Winter Months

Ok, y’all, I know this post is LATE. I had big plans to get this guide done and posted in early December—but you know what happened—December, December is what happened. Can we all agree that December can be a wee bit crazy—and give me a pass on my tardiness?? I promise, I think it is worth the wait!

I love making these little guides, and couldn’t leave Winter out! I whole-heartedly hope that it gives you some inspiration for fun and connection and joy in your home! So here it is— better late than never. Don’t worry there are still tons of fun things left to do and celebrate in WINTER.

It is definitely not too late to make a Winter joy list or grab a stack of Winter books to enjoy. Around here January and February can bring some cold, dreary days, and having a few fun activities up my sleeve comes in handy! There are also ideas, book ideas and inspiration for St. Valentine’s Day, Kindness Month, St. Patrick’s Day and lots of liturgical living ideas to carry you through to Spring.

So check it out, print what you like and make happy memories all Winter long!

Happy (mid) Winter!


If you have a favorite Winter joy list activity please share! I love hearing what brings other families joy.

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