Celebrating Friendship: Festive Ideas for Celebrating Galentines Day

I know, I know Galentines Day isn’t a REAL thing. I get it, but I love pretty much any excuse to celebrate my best girlfriends in a festive way! You can’t get more festive and themey than Galentines Day, and let’s be honest my husband does not appreciate fun and festive nearly as much as my girlfriends do!

There are countless ways to celebrate friendship. You can go all out, but you don’t have to invest a bunch of money or energy to pull of a special evening together. Here are some of my favorite “do-able” ideas for celebrating girlfriends this month!

Early Morning Coffee Date. If you can’t find an evening time that works don’t be afraid to get creative with scheduling. Try scheduling something early in the morning with a bestie. Coffee dates and sunrise walks are a couple of my favorite ways to catch up with a busy friend.

A festive gift. Gift giving can be such a fun way to show appreciation for the friends in our life. It doesn’t have to be anything big, a few little favorites bundled always bring a little spark of joy. I love to give tea, chocolates, fuzzy socks, and lip products. For galentines day a pink/red theme is perfect. I also love to add a favorite picture of my pals and I. Last year I made bookmarks out of photo strips that were cherished by all of my girlfriends.

Dinner In. If you can arrange a empty home gathering, at someone’s home for dinner in can be the perfect opportunity to catch up and share a few laughs. Pick a simple meal plan, or go potluck! Add a festive cocktail and dessert and you have a great low-budget, low-stress meet up!

Dinner out. Schedule a time to meet up for dinner. To make it feel extra special plan to all wear pink and bring some desserts and flowers or balloons to decorate the table.

A heartfelt note. Life is busy, if you can’t carve out a time that works to get together don’t underestimate the power of a hand written note. Throw it back to elementary school and make some fun valentine’s to pass out or mail to all your favorite friends!

PJ Party. The older I get the more I love staying home and being comfy cozy. A super low key evening in with girlfriends would be perfect. You could do a simple dinner or just have every one bring a favorite snack to share. Wear pajamas and enjoy time together. You could watch a favorite rom-com, do a craft or indulge in some home spa pampering!

A girl’s rosary night. Get together to give thanks for the beautiful gift of friendship! Pray a joyful rosary together and then spend the evening hanging out! Of course the addition of a festive cocktail and yummy dessert would probably be welcomed.

This year my group of gal pals and I celebrated early. With Lent starting on the 14th, that puts Mardi Gras on the “official” date of Galentines. Ugh, don’t ya hate when holidays overlap? Nevertheless it doesn’t really matter when you celebrate, just get a date on the calendar! Last year for our Galentines Day celebration we met up for dinner at a restaurant. To make it a little more festive I brought a few balloons and a little dessert board to share. (I did call ahead to double check that the restaurant would be ok with outside food.) This year one of our friends recently had twins, so we opted for a cozy night in at her house. It was perfect and allowed us to really get festive. For dinner we enjoyed yummy soup, salad and bread. As treats we had a champagne and raspberry sorbet cocktail and a assortment of red, pink and chocolate desserts. We wore our festive fuzzy socks, exchanged festive earrings and made bracelets with our 2024 word of the year! A cozy, festive night in was the perfect way to celebrate the blessing of friendships.

I hope you can take some time to connect and celebrate with the girlfriends in your life, because they are truly a treasure!

What are your favorite ways to celebrate the friendships in your life? Please share!

Cheers to Friendship!


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