Celebrating S’mores- 3 fun ways to toast a summer classic.

There’s something so nostalgic about a S’more. I love s’mores because it means I’m spending time gathered around a campfire with my favorite people. It combines so many things that bring me joy…nature, campfires, friends and family, chocolate!

With National S’mores day coming up I wanted to share about our s’mores competition. Now I know that there are s’mores purists out there that will cringe at the thought of messing with the traditional s’mores line up, but I’m not one of them. I’m open to new and creative variations, which is why I suggested a s’mores competition at our last family reunion. It turned out to be a fun and tasty event!

Before I give you the deets let me tell you that our family reunions are large events…my mom is one of 11 siblings so add in grands and great grands and you have quite the crew. I think the competition could easily work for a smaller crowd or a family that enjoys a friendly competition.

No worries, this is pre-Covid

For our competition we split the group into teams. Each team had to come up with an original s’mores recipe. Our rules were: 1. It had to contain at least one of the original s’mores ingredients. (All of our teams stuck with a marshmallow and most kept Graham crackers as well) 2. It could only be prepared over an open flame.

The s’mores were then prepared and cut into bite size samples. We decided to give each person a ticket (vote) which they placed in a can that corresponded with their favorite s’mores creations…but you could not vote for your own creation. It would also be fun to have judges and make it more like a cooking show.

It was fun to see what the teams came up with. Several teams chose to add local fruit to their s’mores creations. There was a banana split s’more, one with rice Krispy treats, a dark chocolate cherry and Raspberries with a PB cup. The winning recipe combined raspberries and Nutella.

And if you aren’t feeling competitive, try creating a S’mores board to inspire some fun new twists on the classic s’more.

And if you want all the flavor of a classic s’more without the campfire give this recipe from A Classic Twist a try. My sister-in-law made it for a recent get together and it tasted as good as it looked.


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