Celebrating the Month of the Rosary

Did you know The Catholic Church dedicates each month to a different devotion? The month of October is dedicated to the rosary. Which makes October the perfect month to celebrate the rosary!

If the rosary isn’t part of your prayer routine, this month is a great time to add it in! Try it as a part of your personal prayer routine and give it a shot as a family, too.

If you haven’t developed the habit of praying the rosary regularly I highly recommend it! I have been praying a daily rosary for a couple of years and it has had a big impact on my spiritual life! If it feels intimidating start small with a decade a day, or pick one day a week to pray a rosary. I found it really helpful to designate a time of day to pray the rosary. I usually pray mine in the afternoon after finishing up school.

There are countless devotionals and different ways to pray a rosary. I like to listen to THIS rosary podcast each day. The reflections cover a variety of topics from scripture and Catholic doctrine. I also really enjoy SoulCore, which is a combination of exercise and the rosary. You can try it HERE with a free trial.

It is such a beautiful and powerful way to meditate on the life of Christ and honor our blessed Mother. It’s a devotion that I’ve grown to love and really want to make it part of our family prayer life. When introducing the rosary to kids I think it’s great to make it feel special and build some positive association

Here are some fun ways to celebrate the rosary as a family this month (or anytime really):

1. Pray around a bonfire. If you have a firepit it is a great place to gather to pray a rosary! It can be extra fun if you pray together and then enjoy s’mores!

2. Try a candy rosary! This is a big hit at our house. Last year we did one big candy rosary for the whole family. This year I designed little individual rosaries. We filled the rosaries with mini m&ms and regular m&ms, but you could use any small candy or chocolate chips. The kids were so engaged throughout the rosary, removing the candy as we prayed.

3. Host a rosary gathering. Make it a social event by inviting over friends or family to pray a rosary together. Plan a simple spread or invite others to contribute items. I think it would be fun to set up a apple cider bar and a few treats, or if you want to serve a meal maybe a chili feed. Spend some time in fellowship and prayer together. Last year we hosted a friendsgiving piefest and ended our time together with a rosary together. (You can read about our gathering in THIS post.

4. Go on a rosary walk or drive. Go on a drive to view foliage and pray a rosary together, or play a rosary podcast. You could also hit up a local trail or path and walk and pray.

5. Pray by candle light. Dim the lights and light some candles to help set the mood for prayer. Lighting candles can make the moment feel special as you pray together!

Grab this candy rosary printable to use!

Do you have a favorite way to pray the rosary? Please share, I would love to hear!



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  1. Leah Avatar

    I enjoy saying the rosary with a friend while enjoying cool weather and nature.

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