Chasing Joy- Inspiration for Celebrating the month of April

March is wrapping up this weekend and it’s time to get ready to celebrate April! Let’s look for the little things to enjoy and delight in, let’s live a little more intentionally, setting aside time to spend doing the things that we love with the people that we love. We are all busy, and have a to-do list a mile long, but let’s not forget to take a little time to connect and celebrate! I am a big fan of “to enjoy” lists, or bucket lists, or joy lists…whatever you want to call it! You can make them by month and/or by season. They are simple way to try to be more present in the current season.

Here is some inspiration for your April List! The weather is starting to warm up (fingers crossed) and it is a great time to start spending time outside. What would you love to enjoy this month? Activities with friends or family, gatherings to host, food to eat, drinks to sip, outings to go on…whatever little thing that might make your heart happy… put it on your list! It doesn’t have to be long, just a few things that will brighten your month!

If you are looking for some children’s books to enjoy this month check out THIS April book post.

If you are striving to live the liturgical Easter season out in your home you won’t want to miss THIS post with lots of ideas for celebrating Easter all season long!

Cheers to April Friends!

What is your favorite April activity to enjoy?


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