Chasing Joy- Inspiration for Celebrating the Month of June

Happy June Y’all! You survived May, and hopefully now you are settling into a more relaxed Summer pace! Around here June brings with it all the Summer vibes…popsicles, pool days, and the official start to Summer! It also has some of our favorite National “Holidays” like National Donut Day, and a favorite Not-So-National Holiday- our family holiday- Ice Cream Sandwiches for Breakfast Day.

Grab your printables below and curate a June To-Enjoy list that will bring a little extra joy to your month!

June Tips & Inspiration

A fun way to celebrate Drive-In Movie Day without staying up SUPER late is to let your kids create cardboard cars to sit in while they watch a movie. We have even watched inside, if an outdoor movie is not an option!

Inspired by the book 14,000 Things to be Happy About, I have started keeping a list of the little things that make me happy. This practice has created such a beautiful habit of becoming more aware of the ordinary everyday magic that surrounds us. Try starting a little SUMMER JOYS LIST for yourself! You might begin to see things a little differently- instead of the mess of making breakfast maybe you see the beauty of a big stack of fluffy steaming pancakes on a plate. Or when your child is surrounded by a HUGE stack of books on the floor…instead of seeing yet another mess you see her love of looking at books and how it captures her attention.

If you are looking for some fun Summer reads check out my JUNE Booklist for children’s book recommendations. Last Summer I read Love & Gelato and One Italian Summer and really enjoyed both!

We love popsicles around here! Is there anything more classically summer than an afternoon popsicle? We call it popsicle o’clock and love to pair it with a little read aloud time outside! We usually buy our popsicles, but I’ve had my eye on a few popsicle recipes that look delicious! Lime is my favorite flavor…it’s a little like a happy hour margarita meets a popsicle o’clock popsicle! I plan to play around with lime popsicle recipes and THIS lime-coconut version is first on my list!

For a little Flag Day inspiration check out THIS post about making a ribbon/fabric strip flag. I made one many years ago and still love it! This year I really want to make THESE adorable little fabric flags!

Don’t forget to have a little fun for National Donut Day! I have a blog post full of fun ways to celebrate donuts, check it out HERE!

Of course, you wanna make sure and welcome, Summer when it arrives on the Summer Solstice on June 20th. Toast it’s arrival with lemonade, enjoy and ice cream treat or play some SUMMER BINGO. This year it falls on a Friday making it the perfect opportunity to celebrate the longest day of the year with friends! You could host an ice cream social or an epic water balloon fight. One of our favorite ways to welcome Summer is to turn our van into an “ice cream van” and deliver treats to friends!

If you are looking for some liturgical living inspiration for the Sacred Heart of Jesus head on over to THIS post.

I hope you have a wonderful June! What is your favorite way to celebrate in June?


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