Cozy, but make it festive. A simple at-home New Year’s Eve Celebration.

A cozy, at home New Year’s Eve has always been my jam. If I’m being honest I can’t really remember how many years I’ve actually made it until midnight. I really love celebrating New Year’s Eve, I just prefer to celebrate in my comfy sweats and go to bed at a decent time! I love to make our night in feel special—not like we didn’t have anything better to do! You really can make the evening feel festive without too much work. All you need are a few decorations, a couple activities and some yummy food!


I always decorate for New Year’s Eve with a black, gold and silver color scheme. You can find a lot of New Year’s supplies in these colors and it makes it super easy to reuse decorations from year. Balloons, banners, and confetti are all super easy and fun. This year I made a bunch of different New Year’s printables that you can pop in a frame and you are all set! I also love to add in anything with stars and of course, twinkle lights! Disco balls are also all the rage right now, and I think they are super fun touch!


We keep our activities pretty simple. In years past I’ve tried little activities for each hour we stay up, which is fun, but this year we are just going to keep it low key.

Reflecting- We usually spend a little time reviewing the past year and looking forward to the new year. I love making lists and setting intentions! I included several different reflection/resolution page options in my printable packet. When we are done I place our year in review pages into the decoration bucket so we can look back at them in future years.

Games- We also like to play games. You can find quite a few different printable New Year’s BINGO games on Pinterest. I really like THIS one. Our new favorite family game is SLEEPING QUEENS. It is a simple, fun game that kids of all ages can enjoy.

Coloring-Another easy activity option would be to print some coloring pages. I think THESE and THESE are super cute to print and have out for the kids…or adults.

Movies- I also love to watch Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby. It’s an old classic and I just love the New Year’s Eve scene at the end!

Countdown/Ball Drop- No matter what time you plan to get to bed it is fun to do a little countdown and watch an early ball drop. Noise makers, bells or confetti can make it feel extra special!


Y’all know I love a festive food spread! The past few years we have do snack-y foods for New Years Eve. Some of our go-tos include; Shrimp Cocktails, chips and THIS yummy white queso dip (without velveeta), Cheese sticks, veggies and hummus, meats & cheeses. For sweet treats this year my kids requested rice krispy treats, which are perfect because it’s so easy to make them a little festive with white chocolate and gold sprinkles! If you want to get a little more fancy THESE mini cherry cheesecakes are super cute and delicious!

It’s also super fun to have a festive drink to toast with. We usually do sparkling juice for the kids, but this year they requested sprite. I think they would enjoy Shirley Temples, so we may go that route!

So that’s it, our recipe for a simple, cozy, festive night in and it’s perfect for our family right now. How do you like to ring in the New Year?

Cheers to the New Year!


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