A Festive and Faith-filled Easter Basket Item Round-Up

Last year I did a contentment challenge for lent, where I limited my nonessential spending. It was challenging in a really good way. Because of the contentment challenge I purchased Easter basket goodies prior to the start of Lent. I could have made an exception for gifts, but I just didn’t want the temptation of shopping…you know, sometimes your shopping for someone else and things jump into your cart?? I didn’t realize the impact having the baskets done ahead of time would have. I loved that I didn’t spend the last weeks of lent scrambling to get things. It also allowed me to be a little bit more thoughtful about what I wanted to put into the baskets, and I reworked how I went about filling Easter baskets. What had worked with 1 or 2 kids wasn’t working anymore, and I didn’t want to give a basket of trinkets that I’d be ready to pitch in a week. I wanted the items to be meaningful and useful, and of course, still fun to receive. I love gift giving, and I wanted it to spark a little excitement, but I want to keep the focus on Christ. So I came up with 3 categories for filling baskets…a recipe so to speak. Each basket gets items from each category tailored to the individual child. My categories were- RELIGIOUS, SPRING, FILLERS. I was amazed at how many different items I could choose from for each category. The great thing is that you can use this recipe and make a basket of any size or budget. One item from each category is perfect, or a couple small items here, and a big item there. I use these categories for my kids baskets, as well as for smaller little gifts for my Godchildren.

Here’s a little round-up of ideas for each category to give you some inspiration.


This is a little obvious, but items in this category are, you guessed, religious in nature. There are a lot of really cool books, toys and apparel that fit into this category. And a lot of amazing creators that you can support with your purchases. I wanted items beyond the usual, rosary or prayer book that kids often get for sacraments. Of course, if your child/Godchild doesn’t already have a beautiful rosary that is a great option.

Books– Saint books and other religious books are great for Easter Baskets. Here are a few that we have, and a few that are on my wish list. There are also countless books for specific Saints! (Links to books may be affiliate links)

God’s Glorious Girl/ God’s Brave Boy (this is a board book I sometimes give for baptism)

This I Know

Listening for God: Silence Practice for Little Ones is going in my son’s basket this year.

Sitting with a Saint is a wonderful meditation book written for children that we all enjoy.

Saints Around the World introduces you to many Saints and others that are blessed. I love the illustrations and the fact that there are many people featured that I have never heard of. We use it as part of morning curriculum. It has an index in the back so you can search by feast date, topic of even country of origin.

I’m a Saint in the Making

Born to be a Saint is another beautifully illustrated Saint book. It introduces Saints by going through the alphabet. I love that it is about each of our unique calls to holiness.

My oldest son has enjoyed The Chime Traveler’s Series. Two children travel back in time and solve mysteries related to Saints. It reminds me a little of Magic Tree House books.

Other faith based fiction Chapter books we’ve tried are The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls and Imagination Station.

Prayer journals are a great idea for preteens and teens. I love these travelers notebooks that can be paired with Catholic stickers for a fun personalized journal.

Prayer Cards

I love the cards from the AbundanceofGrace Etsy shop. I ordered a different one for each of my children. I also ordered the rosary cards for my niece.

Apparel & Jewelry

Religious socks from sock religious would be perfect.

I love so many of the designs from Brick House in the City.

Religious jewelry can be a great option. Search ETSY for a rosary bracelet or miraculous medal that speaks to you.

Chewslife has some beautiful rosary bracelets as well as other fun catholic gifts.


We love our collection of saint peg dolls, and adding one to Easter baskets each year is a great way to grow a collection. I have painted ours, but you can search for them on etsy to find so many options.

I was never a big “stuffy” person until my daughter started carrying them around the house. Shining light dolls has adorable little Saint dolls as well as other faith base toys.

Tiny Saints also has some fun items. I keychain would be great for teens or even younger kids to add to backpacks or water bottles. Bonus…they would fit in an Easter egg!

Prints & Stickers

I print of a favorite Saint would be great for a child’s room. There are tons of options (again on Etsy), there is sure to be something to fit everyone’s taste.

I have ordered several items from jenolsenillustrates.

I have also ordered from JustLovePrints. She has stickers, prints and temporary tattoos, that are all beautiful.

I really like the art from Studio Senn and PaxBeloved as well.

Other Shops

Be A Heart Design and The Little Rose Shop both have a wide range of really cool faith-filled items so go check them out!


The next category is spring items- for me this basically means anything that can be used OUTSIDE or for the upcoming seasons! I tailor these items to each individual child. So everyone gets a spring item or two that I think they would like or need. For example:

  • Sports Balls
  • Frisbees
  • Jump Rope
  • Chalk
  • Bubbles/Bubble machine
  • FoxTail
  • Kite
  • Rain Boots
  • Swimsuit
  • pool toys
  • Spring outfit
  • sunglasses
  • hat
  • Spring inspired pajamas
  • Kids gardening tools
  • Flower seeds to plant
  • Seeds and supplies to plant a butterfly garden, fairy garden or dinosaur garden
  • Spring themed books. Check out our favorites on THIS post.
  • Spring Puzzle would be fun for older kids or adults. I love this one and this one, this one and this one!


Fillers are other small items that you might typically find in an Easter basket. These items tend to be less individualized. Our fillers are usually a few candy/snack items, and maybe one or two items that fit into an Easter egg. I love when the items still fit the Spring theme!

  • Fruit snacks
  • Cheddar bunnies
  • Easter candy
  • chap stick or lip gloss
  • pastel nail polish
  • pastel colored hair bows or scrunchies
  • pastel colored pens/markers
  • Boom chicka pop popcorn bags are fun pastel colors for Easter baskets

If you are anything like me you need a place to jot down ideas and purchases to make sure that you have everyone’s baskets covered. Here is a planning page I made to help plan and organize this year’s Easter baskets! I hope it helps!

What do you love to add to Easter baskets? I’d love to hear!



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