Embracing Lent: Our Favorite Music and Books

It is truly hard to believe that we are getting ready to enter into Lent again. Every year I feel like the season of Lent sneaks up on me. Over the past few years the way that I approach Lent has really evolved. I truly used to dread the season. I really struggled to embrace the somber, penitential mood of the season. Lately, though I have began to see Lent a little differently. As a much needed season of renew and an opportunity to refocus my life on Christ. There are several things that I have started doing for Lent that I think have help me to appreciate Lent a little more. One of those things has been to add Lent decorations to my home. If you are interested in how I decorate, check out THIS post. I have also started try to be more thoughtful on what I give up and add during the season. I shared a little about that in THIS post.

This year I wanted to share a couple of other things that I have started doing that help to set the mood for Lent in our home; music and books. Last year I made a Lent playlist. It is a collection of songs that I like that are a little more somber, and have some Lenten themes. I’m actually looking forward to playing it in the evenings again. I love to put on music and light a candle when I am cooking and cleaning up dinner. You can find it HERE on spotify, or check out some of the songs in whatever app you use for music.

Another thing that I have started to do for Lent is to curate a collection of books that I can read with my children to enter more fully into the season as a family. Books are one of my favorite ways to teach my children, and I love having a few books on hand that can help them better understand what we are celebrating. In our collection I have books about the life of Jesus and the time that he lived on earth. I also have books specific to some of the days that we observe during Holy Week- Holy Thursday and Palm Sunday. I love how these books help my kids to understand the specific parts of Holy Week. I also have a couple about pretzels which are one of our favorite Lent traditions. I also have a stations of the cross book that has great reflections for kids as well as a couple of books that can help them learn a little about developing a prayer habit. Check out our favorite Lent books below:

I hope you found a song or book that might help your Lent be just a little more fruitful!

Do you have a book or song that you like to incorporate into your Lent? I’d love to hear about!

Lenten Blessings,


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