Festive Fall Books

Seasonal and holiday books are one of my favorite parts of celebrating each new season. There’s something so fun about pulling out books that you only get to read once a year. It’s such a sweet and easy tradition that can lead to lots of snuggles, so what’s not to love? A lot of our fall books I purchased through Scholastic Book Club, it’s a great way to start building a holiday book collection on a budget. Here are our top picks for Fall books: Duck & Goose, Find a Pumpkin (Oversized Board Book) This book is so simple, but my little guys love the repetition and the hide and seek feel of the pumpkin hunt! Let It Fall Another quick read, but I love books that highlight all the fun things about a season! I also think the illustrations are super cute! Fall Walk (Seasonal Walks) This book is a fun read, I love the combination of a story and some factual information. It is a great read for before or after a leaf walk when you might want to identify different types of leaves. Pumpkin Town! Or, Nothing Is Better and Worse Than Pumpkins Pumpkin Town is a cute story about brothers who grow pumpkins and the trouble they get into with their pumpkin seeds Sophie's Squash It’s hard not to fall in love with the spunky squash loving Sophie in Sophie’s Squash. The Little Yellow Leaf I just love this sweet story about the resistant yellow leaf and how he found courage. SO pull out those Fall books or put some on hold at your library and enjoy this seasonal activity. If you are wanting a fun way to incorporate seasonal books here are some ways we make reading even more fun!

We love to take our fall books along with us for picnics. Grab a stack, a cherished quilt and find a tree that’s dropping leaves and you have a pretty sweet fall tradition. Of course, if your kiddos are anything like my boys they will run off after 2 books. We also love to pair a few seasonal books with a festive treat–maybe apples nachos or apple cider, or start a slow Saturday morning with pumpkin pancakes and little fall reading.   img_0630     Another great option is to give my kiddos fall scented play doh or coloring pages to work on while I read. It’s great to keep their hands busy while they listen! Please share…what are your go to Fall books? Do you have some fun traditions surrounding holiday books?


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