Festive Gifting: Fun Back to School Gift Ideas

It’s back to school season again! Can you believe it? Are you excited to get back into the school routine, or dreading it?

I think it’s fun to celebrate and build a little excitement around the beginning of a new school year. There are so many special ways to do make this back to school season special- like starting or continuing a back to school tradition. You can find 5 fun ideas for back to school traditions on THIS post and some tips and tricks for starting a tradition during this busy season on THIS post. One of my favorite ways to celebrate the start of a brand new school year is with a little back to school themed gift. And when I say little trust me, I mean little. Gifting is one of my love languages, I think it’s a special way to say, “I’m thinking about you”. I don’t think you have to gift something big to show that sentiment. I think small, unexpected gifts can really bring a little cheer to someone.

I usually do a little something for my own kids, but I also love to make up something little to send to my nieces and nephews, and sometimes my Godchildren.

Here are a few fun and easy ideas for back to school gifting:

Number Rice Krispy Treats– These were the perfect little treat to gift to my nieces and nephews. I made a batch of rice krispy treats using my go-to recipe. (Check it out HERE). Then I used number cookie cutters to cut out each of their new grades. The cutting out of the rice krispy treats was the trickiest part. I had to push the cookie cutter in and then pull of the excess rice krispy treat. Luckily they mold super easy. After I had them shaped I drizzled with white chocolate and added sprinkles and mini M & Ms. Then I packaged them up for gifting. The 1st graders’ 1 ended up being a little small. If I do it again I might add a star to give them a little more!

Number Candy Box– Have you seen these paper numbers turned candy/charcuterie holders? I have done it a couple times for birthdays, and it dawned on me that they are perfect for back to school. I love the little mini numbers because it makes it a super affordable gift! I pick mine up at Hobby Lobby and used a craft knife to cut off the top off of the number. Then just fill with whatever goodies you want. You can do a combination of fun erasers or other small school supplies and candy. I love gummy or “book” worms and hugs & kisses for back to school, but any favorite will work. Then use some clear wrap (also from Hobby Lobby) to wrap it up. I may end up doing these for my kids as a treat/table setting at our back to school breakfast.

I think this could also be a really fun gift for a teacher! Use the number of the grade they teach—I’d recommend the bigger number so that you can add in fun pens or pencils, gift cards, hand sanitizer, fun paper clips and a variety of teas, chocolates and treats!

Theme-y Candy– Even if you don’t want to go to the trouble of the number you could put together a few themed candies- smarties, gummy worms (book worms), hugs & kisses. Any of these, or a combination would be an extra sweet reminder to have a great year.

Fun School Supplies– Special school supplies are the perfect gift for back to school. The extra items that might not be a need- smelly markers, silly erasers, fancy pens or pencils. Buy a package and then split it and add a few pieces of candy to make some fun back to school packages.

Crayon shaped Lip SmackersTHESE crayon shaped Lip Smackers would be perfect addition to a back to school care package. Even my boys were begging to get one!

Smart Cookies– If baking is your thing a dozen of your favorite cookies would be a sweet gift to help celebrate starting back to school. A simple note wishing the “smart cookies” a good school year would tie it all together. If you want to add something more you could gift a copy of The Smart Cookie by Jory John to go with the cookies.

Gift Card– If you have little learners that don’t live close you could send a note and a gift card for ice cream or special drinks to celebrate the first day or week of school. It’s a small way to be a part of the celebration if you can’t actually be there!

Here are some printable tags to make your back to school gifting even easier.

What is your favorite way to celebrate the start of school?

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Happy Back to School Season!



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