Happy Mail: Fun Back to School items to gift to students and teachers!

Back to school season is upon us again. This time of year can come with so many emotions for everyone…parents, teachers and students! One thing I like to do to recognize this time of year is to send little care packages to the special students, teachers and homeschool Mamas in my life. The packages aren’t anything to extravagant, just a little something to say, “I’m thinking of you” and to let them know that you care, and are excited for them! This type of gift giving is my very favorite, it’s so easy to brighten someone’s day when they weren’t expecting anything.

Here are some great, low cost ideas for back to school happy mail!

For Younger Students:

  • fun pencils
  • fun erasers
  • gummy worms aka “book worms”
  • smarties
  • stickers
  • gift card for an ice cream to celebrate
  • A new book

For Middle/High Schoolers

  • Mechanical pencils
  • Fun pens
  • gift cards for coffee or fountain drinks

For teachers/homeschool Mamas:

  • Coffee gift cards (can I get an amen?)
  • A secret chocolate stash
  • An inspirational mug
  • Flair pens
  • Immune boosting products. I really like these nuun hydration tablets.
  • Tea
  • Gift card for restaurant for when they need a break from cooking.

It really can be easy and fun to surprise someone, choose a few items, throw them in a pick up order…don’t forget mailing envelopes…and your all set. If you want to skip the post office you can email a gift card, too! And don’t underestimate the impact of a simple handwritten note!

Also, don’t worry if you missed the first day…you can celebrate the first Friday or week or month!

Here are some downloadable gift tags for you to grab!

Cheers to a new school year!



Hey, I’m Megan, wife to Chad, mama to our three rambunctious boys, Grady, Marshall, Stafford and our sweet little girl, Ainsley Nell.  I have a passion for celebrating holidays, cherishing seasons, creating memories, collecting traditions, connecting hearts and chasing joy.   Thanks for coming along for our journey.