How to Create a Themed Book Gift any Book Lover Would Appreciate

Last year for mother’s day I was inspired by bookstagramer, Stephanie at Becausemymotherread to put together a themed book gift for my Mom. She loves reading and I love themes so it was a win-win. I love any opportunity to get creative while gifting!

What is a Themed Book Gift?

Not to be confused with a book themed gift, a themed book gift is simply a book paired with a gift or gifts that go along with it! It’s a super fun way to take gifting a book to the next level!

Who would love a Themed Book Gift?

Any book lover! It makes a great birthday gift or Mother’s day gift. It would also make a wonderful end of year gift for a teacher…especially if you use a book with a summer theme! If you have a friend who is ill or recovering from a surgery it would make a great little pick me up gift! You could even use a young adult book and gift it to a kid in your life! (Way cooler than just unwrapping a book!) Or introduce a new read aloud to your kids with a few little gifts to open as you read together! I also think it would make an extra fun gift exchange idea for a book club!

How Do I Put Together a Themed Gook Gift?

There really is no right or wrong way to do it. Start by brainstorming a list of books that you enjoyed and would want to gift to a fellow book lover. Then you have to decide if you are just going to gift the book and a gift or two that fit the overall theme of the book, or if you want to pick items mentioned specifically in the book. Picking items specifically mentioned in the book makes it kind of like a scavenger hunt. You can wrap the gifts and put page numbers on each package. Then the recipient gets to open different gifts as they read the book! How fun is that?

I really think this can be done with a wide range of books, and you might be surprised how many little items mentioned in a book would make a fun gift! It is a little hard to remember specific gift ideas after your are done reading a book, but hopefully recalling a few scenes or flipping through the book again will spark some ideas. After a while you might start finding yourself reading books with gifting in mind, and picking up lots of fun ideas as you go!

Easy items to include might be:

  • Food items mentioned or consumed- snacks, candy, tea bags, soft drinks
  • Small office supplies used- pens of a certain color, journals
  • Personal care items mentioned- bubble bath, soap, lotion

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Examples to check out!

I gifted a copy of Love & Gelato and a tub of gelato.

Here are the gifts that I gave my Mom last mother’s day based on Stephanie’s gift recommendations:

A copy of The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie by Rachel Linden

  • pg 14- gel pen
  • pg 38- fancy soap (orange goat milk soap in the book)
  • pg 46- little sack of three lemon drops with a note to save one for the end of the book
  • pg 46- box of tea ( glazed lemon loaf is fun!)
  • pg 70- cheese knife set or charcuterie board
  • pg 210- bubble bath (strawberry in the book)
  • pg 230- lemon print oven mitt

think The Adventures of Miss Petitfour would make a wonderful themed book gift for a younger reader. The Adventures of Miss Petitfour is a lovely, whimsical read about Miss Petitfour and her sixteen cats that have many zany adventures as they travel by picnic blanket through the air.

Gift ideas would include:

  • pg 17- tea cup or tea bags
  • pg 28- orange marmalade
  • pg 48- frisbee or marbles
  • pg 57- a few stamps of different designs
  • pg 85- fake mustaches
  • pg 96- leaf cookie cutter
  • pg 97- paper clips and post-it notes
  • pg 100- toothbrush
  • pg 108- packet of confetti
  • pg 116- a balloon

Giving a creative book gift can be so, so fun! What book do you think would be perfect for theme gifting? Who would you love to give a gift like this to?

Happy Reading and Gifting!


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