How to Host a Simple & Sweet Popsicle Party

Popsicles are the quintacensial summertime treat, who doesn’t love a popsicle on a hot day? Hosting a popsicle party is perfect for a last day of school celebration, to welcome the 1st official day of Summer or a simple Summer birthday party!

I love that a popsicle party is super low stress, especially when it comes to what to serve! All you really need are popsicles! You can serve your favorite kind, or grab a variety of flavors! Last summer we hosted a little popsicle party for friends to celebrate the end of our school year. It was really fun and easy to pull together a few details to make the gathering feel special!

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We invite our friends in the afternoon and kept the spread pretty minimal. Of course, the popsicles were the star of the show! We love the Outshine brand popsicles, because they don’t have any artificial colors or flavors. They aren’t the cheapest popsicle in the freezer, but they are yummy and made with real fruit juice. Sometimes I can get a little stingy with the lime ones, because they are so good! I also made popcorn and had little Mike & Ikes to add in because they are colorful and shaped like little popsicles!

I think having a few fun decorations help it feel more like a party and not just an impromptu gathering. I found a table runner on Amazon (THIS is a similar one) that I thought was perfect for Summer with all it’s bright colors. Then we had some fun with watercolors! I used watercolors to decorate the bottom of white lunch bags to put the popcorn in. I used one color per bag creating an ombre effect with more color at the bottom and fading it up. I also cut cardstock into popsicle shapes and painted them with watercolors, then glued on popsicle sticks. These watercolor popsicles are super fun to make and would work perfect taped around, or attached to string as a banner or even as an invitation! Last year I made some to send to friends as popsicle money holders!

Cheers to a summer full of sweet popsicle fun!


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