Into the Desert: My Best Tips for a Beautiful Lent

Here we go… Lent is nearly here, are you ready? Poor Lent, I’m quite certain it is the most dreaded of all liturgical seasons…am I right? I really do think Lent gets a bad rap. I know it’s hard, uncomfortable and certainly not always fun, nobody really loves denying themselves, but it really can be such a beautiful, fruitful season, if we truly enter into it.

I want to share a few things that have helped my “Lent perspective” over the last few years, maybe they will be helpful to you! I am still learning and growing, and in all honesty Lent still makes me grimace just a bit, but I can say by the grace of God my heart has been open to Lent more and more over the past few years.

Embrace the Season

Over the last few years I have made an effort to embrace the season of Lent for what it is and why it is a part of the liturgical calendar. It is a season of pruning. Denying ourselves and doing our best to be open to the work the Lord wants to do. The last few years I have started decorating for Lent to help remind myself that we are in a special season, not just waiting 40 days to enjoy whatever it is we have offered up. You can see some of my ideas for decorating for Lent in THIS post. I really like the imagery of the desert and like to use cacti and sand and rocks. And of course, lots of purple. I also set the mood for Lent with music that fits the season, and have collected a few children’s books that we read during this time, which I shared about in THIS post. I have found that by leaning into Lent and it’s purpose I have started to see the beauty of the season.

Make it Personal

Spend some time discerning what it is that you could do or give up this Lent that would allow you to grow closer to Christ. What is keeping you from being open to God’s grace? What is distracting you? What is tripping you up? What could you take away or add to your life in order to grow in holiness? Remember that each year is different and each Lent will look different. What you need will be different. As you discern your Lenten disciplines keep in mind what is going on in your life- maybe you are in a very “Lenty” stage of life, when you are already making sacrifices that you haven’t chosen- maybe you just need to offer those things up more intentionally.

Although your Lent disciplines should be personal, that doesn’t mean you have to go at it alone. A couple of my friends and I are doing THIS devotional together. We did Fr. Torres’ Advent devotional and really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to making this journey with them through Lent. I’m also hoping to be able to start watching The Chosen with my big boys as part of our Lent plans. If you are looking for some family Lent ideas check out THIS post where I shared a few ideas.

Keep it Simple

I have to remind myself this every year. Keeping it simple does not mean keeping it easy. I have found choosing a few specific, personal Lenten disciplines to be much more fruitful than trying to add in and take away ALL THE THINGS. It really comes down to the disposition of our heart. Growth comes when we are challenged and stretched, which I think is why Lent can be so fruitful and necessary for our spiritual life! Grab my Lent planning page below to help you plan out your Lent!

I’m praying that you all have a beautiful Lenten season, finding yourself closer to Christ at the end of these 40 days!

What is your best tip for embracing Lent? I’d love to hear!


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