Keep Celebrating: Festive Ideas for Celebrating the Christmas Season as a Family and a Couple.

Advent is wrapping up people!! Christmas is almost hear, and to be honest I always have mixed feelings about the end of Advent. I truly love Advent…not the over scheduled, long to-do list type of Advent, but the quiet, still, prepare Him room type of Advent. The joyful anticipation of what is to come. I always feel a little sad to see it come to an end…I truly believe that half the fun of an event or trip is in the anticipation! In order to make more room for waiting and anticipating I have naturally started to hold off on some of the typical festive December activities until Christmas time. It can be hard to hold onto the Christmas spirit throughout Christmastide (the 12 days of Christmas) but I am finding with a little intentionality it can happen. I have realized that if I prioritize doing all the festive things in December that I miss the beauty of Advent, but by focusing on Advent first and celebrating through Epiphany I get the joy of both!

Last year I shared several ideas for keeping the Christmas spirit alive in your home until Epiphany! You can check out all those ideas HERE. This year I am excited to plan a little festive activity for each day of the 12 days of Christmas. I am also came up with a list of couple activities to do together this Christmas season. I tend to focus all my merry making energy on my kiddos and this year I really wanted to be intentional about enjoying the season with my husband.

So…here is some Christmastide celebration inspiration for you! As always make it your own, I hope you find one or two activities that would work for your family. Don’t feel pressure to do something everyday, a sprinkling of Christmas joy can keep the celebration going throughout the season.

For the candy cane hunt I am just planning to hide candy canes like Easter eggs and let them hunt for them. The whip cream challenge is just sipping hot cocoa with lots of whip cream…the point is to get it on your noses and try not to laugh at each other! Other activities that would be fun could be doing a Christmas puzzle or having a Christmas coloring party with Christmas coloring pages, music and maybe some treats. Another thing my kids enjoy is sleeping under the tree, it could be a fun tradition to do this the last night before you take the tree down! If your kids are crafters you could make paper snowflakes, and if you have girls a home manicure would be fun! Another special way to celebrate would be to pray the Joyful Mysteries together or visit an adoration chapel.

This year I decided to take the notes for our family activities and wrap them up in a surprise ball! I think it will add to the fun to be able to unwrap the ball each day to find the activity for the day. I took streamers and wrapped them around the notes and a few items, like candy, etc.. to create a fun little ball!

I am really excited to devote some time to connecting with my husband during the Christmas season, especially since we are not exchanging gifts this year, it feels like a special way to spoil each other. All of the ideas that I picked are at home date night ideas that wouldn’t be too involved. Here are some inspiration for the activities that I chose:

THIS list of questions seem like fun conversation starters for Q & A night.

For festive drink night I’m thinking we might try THIS mulled wine with amaretto because we both like amaretto. I also think that a spiked hot chocolate like THIS one would be really cozy and yummy.

Print out a free printable below and keep the celebration going!

What fun Christmas activities would you add? I always love hearing how other families celebrate and could always use new and fun at home date night ideas!

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