Mother’s Day Gift Inspiration for Your Catholic Mama

Mother’s Day is next month, and it’s never too early to start thinking about a gift for your Mama! I’ve seen a lot of products lately that I love, and I thought it would be fun to round up a few items that might be perfect for a Mama in your life. Basically it is a bunch of things I love or would love to give myself!

10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas

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Picnic Blanket– Spring is the perfect time to enjoy a picnic, and I think THIS picnic blanket would be perfect to keep in the back of the car for all kinds of occasions. You could pair the blanket with a bottle of wine from a local winery and a note inviting your Mama to enjoy a picnic with you soon!

Mug and TeaThe Little Rose Shop has lots of fun Catholic themed mugs to choose from. Pair a mug with some yummy tea and you have a winning combination. I love THIS glazed lemon loaf tea for Spring, and THIS night time tea is my all time favorite tea to cozy up with before bed.

Mother’s Rosary– This is a personalized gift that I think is so special! A mother’s rosary, or family rosary uses the birthstones of the family members to create the rosary. You can use the birthstones of just children, or include a spouse or wedding anniversary, depending on the number of children someone has. I love my mother’s rosary- I included a decade for each of my 4 living children and then alternated the due date stones for each of my miscarriages. It is a special reminder to pray for our children and families! I had mine made by a friend’s father…which made it super economical. If you know someone who enjoys making rosaries I would recommend asking them. If you don’t know anyone that makes rosaries, HERE is a listing for a mother’s rosary on Etsy.

Journal & Scented PensTHIS gratitude journal has been on my wish list for a while, it looks like a wonderful way to cultivate gratitude in your life, or I also have THIS list making journal that would make a fun gift to give. Pair the journal with THESE scented flair pens for an extra pop of fun. I love the scented flairs, they make my journals smell wonderful!

Personalized Mother’s Bouquet Print– Did you know that there are birth flowers for every month of the year? You can have a personalized mother’s bouquet print created on Etsy. This is a super sweet, personal gift to give to a Mother. I love THIS style, but there are lots of options and price pints on Etsy. You can even do a two-for-one and have a personalized mothers bouquet mug made! I think THESE are super cute!

Seed packet & garden gloves– If you have a Mama that loves to garden a bouquet of seed packets and garden gloves might be the perfect way to show your love and admiration!

Spring Puzzle– If your Mom enjoys puzzles then I think a Spring Puzzle would be a fun gift. You could include a note that you would love to spend some time puzzling with her, and toss in a few of her favorite snacks that she could enjoy while she puzzles! I think THIS seed packet puzzle and THIS Spring street puzzle are super cute!

The Humans of Heaven– I think this coffee table style book about the lives of Saints looks so beautiful. It is definitely on my wish list. It would be a perfect edition to any Catholic home. The January Jane Shop has lots of beautiful catholic products!

Come to Mary’s House– If your Mama enjoys spiritual reading you might consider Come to Mary’s House by Shawn Chapman. It has great reviews, and is on my to read list. It’s a perfect pick for mother’s day since it is about growing in relationship with Mama Mary. It would be extra special if you offered to do a book study with your Mom.

Catholic Apparel– Give Mom the chance to show off her catholic faith with a inspirational T-shirt. Brick House in the City has a ton of fun catholic inspired shirt options, Lot’s of Saint quotes and other inspiration for seeking holiness.

The Gift of Time

Sometimes budgets just don’t allow for buying a gift and that’s okay, it just gives us an opportunity to get a little creative with how we celebrate Mom. I think most Mama’s just appreciate being acknowledged and truly appreciate any effort that we make to spend time with them and show our love.

Spiritual Bouquet- Commit to spend some extra time in prayer for your Mom for Mother’s day. You can say a special family rosary for her intention or offer a daily Mass for her. You can even contact your parish and ask for a Mass to be said for her. (There is often a donation asked for Mass intentions) Having a Mass offered for someone while they are still living is said to be very powerful! You can download a spiritual gift card to use below!

A note of Appreciation– Don’t underestimate the significance of a heart felt note expressing your love, gratitude and admiration for your Mama.

Start a tradition– You can also start a new tradition to celebrate Mother’s Day. Maybe you organize a family picnic, a girl’s day or make a date to have Mom over for coffee or take her for some one on one time to do an activity she enjoys.

If your mom loves to read, check out THIS post for inspiration on how to turn your favorite novel into a fun themed book gift any book lover would enjoy!

No matter what you choose…a gift, some quality time, a note or some intentional prayers I am sure your Mom will fell the love!

What is your favorite way to celebrate your Mom?

Blessings and Cheers!


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