My Favorite All Saints Day Family Tradition

I really love celebrating All Saints Day. I love that as Catholics we believe that holy men and women who have gone before us can intercede for us and help us on our earthly pilgrimage. All Saints Day is such a special opportunity to celebrate all holy men and women in heaven.

I know lots of families have elaborate gatherings, saint costumes and traditions, but we keep it pretty simple around our house. Our celebration usually includes “halo donuts” (donuts sprinkled with gold sprinkles), reading about saints and talking about our call to holiness.

Last year we added a tradition that quickly became my favorite All Saints Day tradition! On All Saints Day every family member declared a Saint for the coming year with the intent of learning about that particular Saint and asking for their intercession. It was fun to see which Saints my kids picked. We added all the chosen Saints to a family litany and prayed it at the end of our evening family prayer. We made a point to celebrate the feast day of each Saint in our litany. It was a lot of fun to learn about new-to-us Saints! We also invited my parents to join the fun, so we enjoyed Zooming together on the feast days!

I am really excited to see which Saints will be chosen this year! It turned out to be a really special way to learn and celebrate all year long!

I am including a family litany printable in case you want to give this super simple tradition a try! There is one page that you can use as a Litany and another to help you keep track of feast days!

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I would love to hear any traditions you have for All Saints Day!



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