National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day- A Search for the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

Is there anything better than a fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookie? Recently my very talented sister-in-law, Laura, (@laura_oblinger) posted in her Instagram stories that she was searching for the best chocolate chip cookie. She then proceeded to bake 6 different recipes in the same night for the sake of her hunt! I was very impressed…who can pull that off??? Not me! I promptly messaged her and begged her to share her findings her on the blog, because I firmly believe that we all need a go to chocolate chip cookie recipe for all things festive!

I can’t think of a better day than National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (May 15) to debut her results! So, in honor of this great holiday I’m sharing a little about Laura and her go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe!

 1. When did you first develop a passion for baking?  As far back as I can remember!  I began baking with my grandma (Nanny) as soon as I could sit up straight.  One of my first memories is sitting on her counter, rolling sugar cookies in red food coloring tinted sugar!  I really got back into baking during law school.  I use baking as my self-care time… just me and my mixer!

2. What is your go to baked good to gift to a friend or take to an event?  I love gifting cookies.  Generally a dozen chocolate chip or other classics.  I love to discover a person’s favorite cookie and surprise them with it!  My go-to event dessert is Texas Sheet Cake!  So easy to make and easily feeds a crowd.  However, my most requested item tends to be decorated sugar cookies.

3. If you could only eat one baked good for the rest of your life, what would it be?  Chocolate chip cookies!  The truly versatile baked good!

4. Is there a baked good/recipe that intimidates you?  Macarons!  I really want to try them sometime, but I am going to have to do a lot of studying up.  Macarons can be so finicky and timing really matters.

5. Do you have any “baking icons”?  Sugar cookies – Jenny Cookies.  Cakes – Cake by Courtney.  Overall – Sally’s Baking Addiction.

6. What is next on your to bake list?  I actually have a list of Cake by Courtney cakes that I am slowly checking off.  I bake them and take them to work… which earns me lots of co-worker brownie points!  I aim to do one a month.  I am also putting together my product list for my soon-to-open home sweets business — Something Sweet by LO — and photographing the sets for advertising.

Laura is so talented in the kitchen (and in the court room I’m sure—I’ve just never needed her services there!), everything she brings to family gatherings is a hit. Check out her recipe and tips for the best chocolate chip cookie:

Hands down, chocolate chip cookies are my favorite dessert.  Preferably puffy, soft and full of good quality chocolate.

Whenever I visit a new bakery, I have to order the chocolate chip cookie.  Doesn’t matter what fancy desserts they have on tap; I judge them based on CCC execution.

So naturally, I needed to find my favorite recipe.

Via Instagram, I asked my friends to submit their favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes.  I received several and narrowed it down to six—three variations of the Nestle recipe and three random.  I chose an evening and baked all six (you can see a recap on my Insta highlights!).

My husband and I then judged each cookie based on appearance and taste.

The line-up:

  • Nestle Toll House but all Crisco (butter flavored) (my grandma’s (better known as “Nanny”) version…a general crowd favorite)
  • Nestle Toll House but half butter and half Crisco and sprinkle with Maldon salt
  • Nestle Toll House but half butter and half Crisco and vanilla pudding mix
  • The Baking ChocolaTess – Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies (submitted by One Festive Mama!)
  • Sally’s Baking Addiction – Crispy-Edged Chocolate Chip Cookies (from her cookbook, Sally’s Cookie Addiction)
  • Apple a Day – Best-Ever Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies (my own go-to recipe)

While not a “true” science experiment, my general aim was to try all recipes side-by-side and declare a favorite.  My husband and I judged each cookie based on appearance and taste.  I also took them all to a family dinner and asked my parents and brothers to pick their favorite.

The undisputed winner: Apple a Day’s Best-Ever Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies!  I started baking these in law school, and they have always been a crowd favorite.  (Funny enough, I didn’t have enough to take to my family, but four of them said, “What about those cookies you started baking in law school?  Those are really my favorite.”)  It all comes down to the “secret” ingredient—cornstarch!  Cornstarch makes the cookies nice and chewy.

From there, we were a little split.  I love how the all-Crisco Toll House cookies were a little crackly on top and had a nice, crispy edge.  They were also soft in the center.  The pudding version were a little chewier and did have a tangy flavor.  For the half/half Toll House, my notes read: “too crispy; not enough gooey,” but I loved the sprinkle of salt and could definitely add that to every cookie.

My top tips:

  • Quality ingredients.  I am particularly picky about my flour.  I prefer King Arthur or Hudson.  I regularly use the store brand chocolate chips or butter, but my preference is Land O’Lakes butter and Ghirardelli or Guittard chocolate chips.
  • Room temperature butter.  Not melted; not warm… it is room temperature!  From reading various blogs, I learned room temp butter is actually still a little chilled.  You should be able to push on it and leave a slight indent with your finger.  Proper butter temperature will help your cookies keep shape and not spread too thin.  My girl, Sally, helped explain what room temperature butter really means.
  • Measure properly.  Always scoop the flour into your measuring cup and level the top with a spoon.  This will ensure you don’t get too much resulting in a tough, hard cookie!  (Unless you weigh your flour… that’s even better!)

If your not craving chocolate chip cookies now I’d be impressed! Do you have a go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe? I’d love to here if it stands up to Laura’s!

Happy Baking,



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