Our Family’s Favorite Festive Summer Traditions

Family traditions can be so beneficial for families. They help to strengthen family bonds and create a sense of security and identity for the family. They are a really fun part of the culture of your family. Creating traditions can take a little intention on our part. Traditions can be born out of seemingly small events that we enjoy and choose to repeat! You will be surprised at how quickly kids latch on to something as a tradition. You will find them saying…”don’t we always…” or “when are we going to…” Many traditions incorporate special activities or foods to enjoy.

In our home we have the tradition of having burgers and fries on Saturday night. This is a tradition that I continued from my childhood, growing up we almost always had burgers and fries on Saturday night. It is actually a tradition that my mom carried on from her family. I think it is so fun to think that I am the third generation of Saturday night burger people! It’s such a little thing, but a tie that I have to my mom and my grandparents!

I have a slight obsession with traditions, especially traditions that are seasonal, and tied to our faith and the holidays. Of course, not every tradition is long lasting. Some traditions serve us for a short season while others take hold and grow with us! I love the idea that traditions we do as a family as my kids grow up might tie them together after they leave our home, and may even be something they choose to continue with their own families some day.

When I was brainstorming summer traditions that we have in our family I was a little surprised to realize that we don’t have near as many traditions for the summer as we have for fall and winter.

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Here are our favorite family traditions for the summer, just in case you are looking for a few fun new traditions to add to the season ahead.

Ice Cream Van

We started doing the ice cream van during COVID as a way to get out and safely see friends and family. It quickly became a treasured family tradition. Our friends love when we drive around and deliver free ice cream, and my kids enjoy doing it as well! All you have to do is grab some ice cream treats, ice and a piece of poster board. We use parts of the boxes to make a menu and pack the ice cream treats in a cooler with ice, then we let are friends know we are headed out. We make quick stops at several houses and let them “order” their treats. It’s nostalgic and fun! We usually do it around the official start of summer.

The only thing that is tricky is keeping the treats from melting. We use the best cooler we have and pack them with ice. So far we’ve been able to do about 3 houses without to much melting! I’m not sure how long this tradition will hold- I can’t imagine my teenagers being up for it, but time will tell. Until they want to stop we will enjoy making the memories!

Ice Cream Sandwich for Breakfast Day

Ice Cream Sandwich for breakfast day is our family holiday. This tradition started when my toddler used a stool to raid the deep freezer at 9 am and helped himself to several ice cream sandwiches! I caught him in the act that year and made him wait until after dinner to finish his treat. The next year the pictures of the shenanigans popped up and we decided to have ice cream sandwiches for breakfast in honor of the first hijinks…and a tradition is born. It is a super simple thing that my kids think is so great. They count down the days until Ice Cream Sandwich for breakfast day! We highly recommend inventing your own wacky food holiday!

Popsicle O’clock

Popsicles are our go-to cool down on a hot summer day. If we aren’t headed to the pool we often have popsicles and a little read aloud time we have dubbed “popsicle o’clock” It’s sort of the kids version of happy hour. This little ritual can be a real mood shifter on a summer afternoon.

Outdoor Movie Nights

There is something so special about an outdoor movie night. It the excitement of a drive-in movie without the super late night! Of course, it helps to wait until the sun starts to set for optimal temperature and lighting! We love to watch summer classics for our outdoor movie nights. The Sandlot and Parent Trap are two of our favorites.

Homemade Ice Cream

Ice cream is a summer staple, and it is hard to beat homemade ice cream. Making homemade ice cream is a tradition for the Fourth of July, which also happens to be my eldest’s birthday. It of course takes a little more work then grabbing some ice cream from the store, but it definitely a labor of love. We have THIS ice cream maker. You can grab the recipe we use below.

Sno-Cone Run

Sno-cones are another fun summer treat. It’s an item that we only get to enjoy during the summer months and a sno-cone run always makes our summer fun list. It’s a fun family outing that we look forward to doing, usually only once or twice a summer.

What are some of your favorite summer traditions? Please share, I love hearing how other families celebrate the seasons!


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