Recipes Old and New

So I’m curious. Do you have go-to recipes for holidays and special occasions, or do you love to try something new each time? I love a good Pinterest scroll so I tend to be more in the “try new things” camp, but lately I’ve really been drawn to the idea of having some traditional recipes. I love the idea of passing recipes down to my kids, and sharing them with friends. My Mom is always in charge of making Angel biscuits at Thanksgiving and Christmas Pie for Christmas, and I love the tradition and nostalgia of those recipes, and the way they make me feel connected to my Grandma even though she’s passed away.

In the last couple of years I’ve found go to recipes for Roast in the Crockpot, chocolate chip scones, birthday cheesecakes and pumpkin muffins. And I’ve started a list of tried and true recipes I want to find, which include Pancakes, homemade ice cream and chocolate chip cookies.

Of course, I’m not breaking up with Pinterest, especially when it comes to fun and festive foods! This weekend I wanted to try to make a Fourth of July cookie. The results did not disappoint.

I started with this Oreo chocolate chip cookie recipe, from Teresa over at Can’t Keep Out of the Kitchen. I made a couple of swaps to make them a little festive. Instead of chocolate chips I used a combo of white chocolate chips and patriotic m&ms. The result was a festive cookies and cream inspired treat that got a thumbs up around here. I was hoping to make ice cream sandwiches with some, but my boys finished off the ice cream, so I was out of luck—-next time it’s happening though.

If you’re looking for a treat for this weekend’s festivities this might just be your ticket—-and who knows maybe it will become your go to cookie recipe!


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