Simple Ways to decorate for Lent

Do you decorate for Lent? I started decorating for Lent a couple of years ago, and I’ve really grown to love he it sets the mood for the season. I think decorating for Lent has been a big part of helping me to apprecting the season of Lent instead of completely dreading it!

Decorating for lent can be really simple. The season is really about striping away extras in our life in order to draw closer to Christ and I think decorations should reflect that—-simple and bare decorations are the perfect reminder of the somber season we enter into before the joyous season of Easter!

For Lent decorations I like a mix of natural elements, the liturgical color of the season- purple, and inspirational quotes.

I don’t decorate my whole house, just my mantle and a few prayer stations. Nothing elaborate or busy.

Here’s a peak at my 2022 Lenten decorations:

My cactus garden is my favorite spot this year. I’m really feeling the desert theme. I grabbed a few cactus at Walmart and Home Depot and added rocks and tea lights and some purple fabric. If you don’t need one more thing to take care of (I really don’t either!) grab some fake cactus from the dollar store and you’re set. I printed an image of Jesus in the desert of to add.

Our sacrifice bean station and apostle peg dolls are set out and serve as function decorations.

I set out our Lenten meal prayer with a purple candle and small crown of thorns.

My mantle has purple candles, my Lenten banner, a quote, the cactus my son painted, a cross and some sticks. To be honest I was tempted to run to Hobbg Lobby because I didn’t love how the mantle came together, but I decided to try to just be content and offer it up!

I hope this gives you a little inspiration. If you decorate for lent, I’d love to hear what you include!



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