Spreading Joy with Snail Mail: 20 Fun Items to Tuck in an Envelope

April is National Letter Writing month so it is the perfect time to dedicate some time to the old fashioned art of snail mail! Although, I can’t imagine there’s a bad time to send a card or two. This this list of fun & easy add-ins will take your mail to the next level!!!

I love to send mail. I think it is such a simple way to spread a little joy. What’s better than getting an unexpected envelope in the mail? It’s a great way to brighten up someone’s day and let them know you are thinking of them! I especially love to include a special surprise or two. Unfortunately, if you aren’t careful it can quickly become an expensive little habit!

For Valentine’s Day I decided I was going to send a valentine to my god daughter- I grabbed a coffee gift card and a chocolate bar and made a little Valentine. I was not expecting it to cost $5 to mail the envelope. I didn’t realize envelopes could only be 1/4” thick to be mailed at an envelope rate. The candy bar definitely wasn’t worth $5!!!

I decided I needed to be more creative with what I tuck into envelopes when I send my happy mail! Sending items that are flat and can be sent with a stamp will help me stretch my happy mail budget…not an actual budget line item, but how cool would it be if it were?!

Here is a list of fun envelope “add-ins” that I think would make anyone smile! Tuck one in or combine a couple to create the perfect little envelope of happiness. (Just make sure it doesn’t get too thick!) Maybe you want to say, “I’m thinking of you!”, “Happy Birthday”, “I love you” or “Hang in there”…no matter the sentiment I am confident you can express it with a hand written note and a bonus surprise. I think snail mail is perfect for everyone from young kids to the elderly, and everyone in between!

  1. Tea Bags
  2. Stickers
  3. Temporary Tattoos
  4. A photo
  5. A Spiritual bouquet card (Printable below)
  6. A hand written or printed recipe
  7. Confetti
  8. A Bookmark
  9. Hand Written inspirational quote, Bible verse or book quote
  10. A friendship bracelet
  11. Lemonade or drink packet
  12. Packet of seeds
  13. prayer card
  14. Seasonal To-Enjoy List print out
  15. A coloring page to color
  16. A crossword puzzle, word search or other word puzzle
  17. A balloon
  18. A small birthday candle
  19. Drink gift card
  20. A fun napkin

Now it’s time to get to writing and stamping! Who will you send happy mail to this month? What is your favorite item to tuck into an envelope?

Happy Mailing!


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