Teacher Appreciation- Pandemic Style

So, I’ve decided to dust off the old blog and give it a go again. I haven’t posted in over a year, but I’ve got a creative itch to scratch! Starting with sharing some ideas for teacher appreciation. Teacher appreciation week is May 4th- 8th, and boy does it look different this year! Even though teachers aren’t physically in the classroom, I for one, think they still deserve a little love, they have been working hard to switch over to distance learning! I thought I’d share a few simple ideas you can use to show them your appreciation without even putting your mask on! Here’s an idea for everyday of the week. You can pick your favorite, do a couple, or if you’re really feeling do something each day of the week. Monday- send a Message Monday. This one is simple, send them a message to let them know that you appreciate all they’ve been doing for your kid. Send an email, call and tell them, or text. Depending on your relationship with them maybe you could put a shout out on social media, a sign in the yard or a chalk note on their driveway. Taco Tuesday- (Cinco de Mayo) This one is a little trickier given the pandemic. We know where my sons teacher lives and feel comfortable doing a porch drop off, so we will be dropping off chips and salsa. If your really comfortable you could even drop off some margaritas! If a porch drop off isn’t going to work maybe email a gift card to a local Mexican restaurant. Wednesday- Write a poem Wednesday. Have your child write an acrostic poem or maybe a haiku or draw a picture about their teacher. Then take a picture and email it to their teacher. Thursday- Treat them Thursday. Treat your teacher to their favorite drink. Email them a gift card to sonic, Starbucks or anywhere you can think that might like to grab a drink. Friday- Friends Friday. If possible reach out to other parents in the classroom for a little organized appreciation. Do a video montage of the kids sharing their gratitude, or have each parent send a video to the teacher. Organize a parade by the teacher’s house to wave and hold signs. I think like everything during this crazy time—it might require a little more creativity and organization, but it can still be accomplished!


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