Themed Reading: 15 Baseball Books that are BIG Hits

Oh, how I love themed reading! When I think of summer themes, baseball is one of my very favorites. It feels so All-American and nostalgic. I can’t help it A League of Their Own is one of my favorite movies. There is no shortage of baseball themed books out there. I placed a bunch on hold to find the ones that were a hit, and it wasn’t hard to find some really great books. Baseball has such a rich history and I was so surprised at how many different topics from history we could explore through baseball. It was fun to read all the tales of extraordinary people and events surrounding baseball.

Of course a stack of themed books are even more fun when you read them with a themed snack. There is no shortage of yummy baseball snacks that you could munch on while you enjoy a good reading session. Popcorn, cracker jacks, peanuts, Baby Ruth candy bars and soft pretzels would all work. If you are really committed to the theme or planning a party, these mini baseball hat bowls are perfect for serving snacks or ice cream! Of course if you want to make a lunch out of it you could always serve hot dogs!

Here is printable list of our top baseball books to make placing holds a little bit easier!

So, do you love a little summer baseball? What reading theme would be quintessential for you?

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