Welcoming Fall: 11 Fun ways to Celebrate the start of Fall.

Only one more sleep until the Autumn Equinox! Are you getting excited? We are! a couple of years ago we started the tradition of marking the beginning of the season with a fun Welcome Fall party. Now it is an event that we all look forward to enjoying. Autumn is my very favorite time of year, and I look forward to it’s arrival, so celebrating it’s arrival just makes me so happy.

Our Welcome Fall party is really easy to pull off, I promise. We make a few of our favorite fall themed treats and play Fall Bingo.

Our favorite fall inspired treats include:

– chocolate acorns; Take a Hershey kiss and use a mini nutter butter or mini nilla wafer to create an acorn hat. You can use a little peanut butter or melted chocolate to attach the cookie to the kiss. Then top them with a mini chocolate chip. They are a fun snack with lots of steps that kids can manage.

– pumpkin patch brownies; a simple way to theme up a box of brownies. Bake your favorite brownies, add a few candy corn pumpkins, add vines with a tube of green decorating icing and sprinkle with some leaf sprinkles if you have them. Easy and festive.

– apple nachos or apples and caramel dip; caramel apples are a fun fall treat, but they are a little time intensive and I haven’t quite mastered them yet. So, I stick to cutting a few apples to dip in caramel or drizzle with caramel to make nachos.

– fall snack mix- combine your favorite snack foods and add candy corn a Reese’s pieces for a yummy, seasonal mix. We love traditional Chex mix with cheez it’s, but you could definitely try a pumpkin spice version if you’re feeling crazy!

– crackers and leaf cheese; super easy and fun, use cookie cutters to cut cheese slices into fun fall shapes.

It’s so fun to have a tradition to mark the start of each season. Here are 10 more fun ideas that would be great traditions to kickoff of Fall. Pick your favorite or combine a couple to make a tradition that you can look forward to year after year. Of, course there is no rule that says you have to welcome fall on the FIRST day of the season, if you can’t fit a celebration in because it’s a school night or you have other activities scheduled, you can always celebrate the first weekend of Fall!

  • Buy your first pumpkin. When we lived in Oklahoma we always visited a little roadside pumpkin stand on the first day of Fall, but you could make an outing out of grabbing a pumpkin at the grocery store.
  • Make your favorite Fall comfort food. Kick off the season with a favorite recipe that gives you all the Fall feels. This year the temps are supposed to actually feel like fall, so I’m excited to make a pot of chili!
  • Go on a nature walk and and look for signs of Fall. Here is a printable checklist to take along on your adventure.
  • Have a Fall Book Picnic. Grab a stack of Fall themed books and a snack and head outside for a little reading picnic. Here is our list of favorite Fall books from last year.
  • Decorate. The first day of Fall is a great day to pull out a few decorations to bring Fall vibes into your home or onto your front porch.
  • Curate your Fall Joy List. Spend a little time brainstorming and coming up with a list of activities and food that you want to enjoy during the season. Include yearly traditions as well as new things you want to try. Here is a post for more Fall Joy List inspiration.
  • Toast the new season with a favorite Fall bevie. It doesn’t always feel like Fall in Kansas on the first day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a favorite Fall drink. Hot apple cider, pumpkin spiced latte, a hard cider or this fancy Fall inspired sangria would be a perfect way to usher in the new season.
  • Bake a pumpkin treat. Pumpkin is an essential part of fall, am I right? If you are team pumpkin then these pumpkin muffins would be the perfect treat for the first day of fall.
  • Cozy up for a Fall flick. Marking the start of the season with annual movie night would be a great tradition to look forward to year after year. A fun football movie like Remember the Titans or Blind Side or something a little spooky like Harry Potter might be fun. Here’s a list of fall inspired Disney movies for the younger crowd. If your looking for a rom-com you can’t beat You’ve Got Mail. Just don’t forget to toss some candy corn in the popcorn.
  • Send a little Fall love. Mark the start of the season by sending a little happy mail to a fellow fall enthusiast. Sending a box of fall fun to someone can spark joy for both you and the recipient!

However you choose to celebrate the day, I hope it’s a great start to a beautiful fall season! Do you have any traditions that I missed? I would love to hear, please share!

Happy Fall



Hey, I’m Megan, wife to Chad, mama to our three rambunctious boys, Grady, Marshall, Stafford and our sweet little girl, Ainsley Nell.  I have a passion for celebrating holidays, cherishing seasons, creating memories, collecting traditions, connecting hearts and chasing joy.   Thanks for coming along for our journey.